PML-N’s monitoring of Ramadan Bazaars bearing fruit


The comprehensive vigilance policy of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) to keep a check on Ramadan Bazaars established in the provincial capital has apparently succeeded The frequent visits of ruling party legislators to Ramadan Bazaars in Lahore has curtailed the chances of vendors fleecing people at these sites. Relatively improved quality food items besides flour and sugar are available at all 20 Ramadan Bazaars with some exceptions in remote areas, where many items notified in the list remain in high demand and are dearer. Among these Ramadan Bazaars Makkah Colony, Kahna Nau Main Ferozepur Road, Chowk Begum Kot, Model Bazaar Sabzazar, Main G.T. Road Jalo Morr, Sunday Bazaar Ghaziabad Tajpura, Harbanspura, Parking Ground Chowk Shalimar and Gol Ground Shadbagh are notable. As far as rates of different items are concerned, comparatively fair quality fruit and vegetables were put on sale by the vendors under the constant threat of checking and legal action. Apart from visits of district government officers, many PML-N politicians of the respective areas remained vigilant and paid visits to the Ramadan Bazaars in their areas to check and monitor quality and prices of the items. PML-N sources told Pakistan Today that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif held a meeting with provincial capital legislators some days ago and assigned them to check monsoon arrangements, Ramadan Bazaars and other civic departments’ performance and report to his secretariat. Meanwhile, Lahore District Co-ordination Officer (DCO) Naseem Sadiq paid a surprise visit to Shadman and Gulshan-e-Ravi Ramadan Bazaars on Saturday morning. The officers of City District Government Lahore (CDGL) were also present along with him. He checked the quality and rates of different edible items and expressed his satisfaction. He also held a discussion with visitors and inquired about the quality and rate of items which they had purchased from the bazaar. The Lahore DCO also checked the quality of meat and asked butchers to sell standardized meat to the citizens. During a visit to the city Ramadan Bazaars, it was observed that grapes were available at Rs 240-260 per kilogram, bananas at Rs 80-100 per dozen, mangoes at Rs60-80, peaches at Rs 60-70, dates at Rs160, sweet melons at Rs70 and plums at Rs 120 per kilogram. Mutton was being sold at Rs 460, beef at Rs 300 and chicken at Rs 200 per kilogram. Basmati rice (super new) was available at Rs 100, basmati rice (386) at Rs 65, gram pulse at Rs 55, pulse mash (washed) at Rs 110, pulse mash (unwashed) at Rs 105, besan at Rs 58, pulse masoor at Rs 90 and pulse mong at Rs 107 per kilogram.


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