Fire caused due to sulphur dioxide leak at warehouse


The initial report of the fire at a chemical warehouse in the Delhi Gate area of the city has been completed. According to the findings of the report, the fire was caused due to a sulphur dioxide leak at the warehouse. The report further states that most of the chemical warehouses in the area are illegal, while all of them are not equipped to deal with emergency situations. The fire, which erupted overnight at the warehouse, was extinguished after four hours of hectic efforts of the fire fighters. Several residents of the area were forced to evacuate from their homes and spend the night on nearby roads. The residents faced breathing problems due to poisonous fumes rising from burning chemicals. However, no casualties were reported. The owners of the warehouse, Imran and Babar, were arrested after an FIR was registered by the area police. District Co-ordination Officer (DCO) Nasim Sadiq has announced that chemical warehouses will be shifted from residential areas.