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Taliban ‘court’ stays TTP spokesman’s sacking

A militant “court” has stayed the removal of Ehsanullah Ehsan as the central spokesman for banned militant group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) for another 45 days, a signed order by the “court” in Tribal Areas bordering Afghanistan said.

On Tuesday, a pamphlet by the TTP central council (shura) had announced the removal of Ehsan — a prominent figure close to the TTP’s top brass — for making remarks that angered the Afghan Taliban and raised the danger of divisions between the two militant organisations.

However, the “Dar-ul Qaza” or “high court” of the Pakistani Taliban has issued a “stay order” against the decision until members of the “central council” appear for a hearing, the leaflet said.

The July 10 order is one of a series of signs of growing divisions within the TTP, an umbrella group of different militant factions.

The document also shows the existence of parallel ‘militant courts’ operating in the Tribal Areas.

Ehsanullah Ehsan had earlier challenged his removal by the Taliban central council in the court, after which it had summoned the council and the former spokesman.

Members of the Pakistani Taliban central council, however, twice failed to show up for the hearing, citing “holidays until the 10th day after Eidul Fitr”, the document said.

In the order dated July 10, the “court” stayed the removal of Ehsan as central spokesman until members of the central council appeared for a hearing and allowed the sacked spokesman to plead his case.

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  1. Anon said:

    The 'Emirates of Taliban Pakistan' is a model of democracy with powerful SC …

  2. EddieDex said:

    How is it possible that the media knows all the details of inner working of TTP…yet the military cannot find them in order to stop them from terrorizing the country?…

    • Anon said:

      They looked in the beauty parlors — they were not there …

  3. US Centcom said:

    We shouldn’t be surprise to read about their hypocritical ways. Unfortunately for them, the people started seeing the truth and it became obvious they are only concerned with achieving their deadly objectives. They’ve left no doubts in regards to their dangerous agenda in the region. Thousands of innocent people have fallen victims to their acts of terror. We’ve lost thousands of brave soldiers in fighting TTP and their affiliates on both sides of the border. Our shared will and desire to stabilize the region has given us the strength and motivation to remain unified against our common enemies. We will not let these extremist organizations deter us from achieving our peace objectives in the region, and continue to work together for the betterment of the region.

    Ali Khan

  4. sattar rind said:

    They have copmlete state. In which Law, Courts, Punishment and implimentation. Full orders and commond over the life and death of the local people. Where is state of pakistan. Does the pakistan accepting them and accepting a state within state? Why no one taking notice of it? Becuse they are powerful or pakistan state thinks they will be supportive when US leave the Afghanistan. I sorry but we have little bit knowlegde of the history that its not going to happen. They have their own motives and targets. They only know how to manage sucidal attack and kill inocent people nothing more.

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