SPOTTED: Imran Khan in a black tuxedo at Prince Charles’ ball


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, who reached Britain two days ago for specialised treatment of his spine injuries and to meet his two sons, was spotted at a royal ball hosted by Prince Charles and his wife Camilla in support of charity, the Elephant Family, the other day.

Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper published photographs of Pakistan’s popular opposition leader wearing a black tuxedo exchanging pleasantries with the royal couple. Among other guests were models Cara Delevingne and Jerry Hall.

Prince Charles is famous for embracing all manner of exotic outfits on his trips abroad. Both he and the Duchess of Cornwall sported animal masks at the ball. Camilla kept strictly to the theme in a sparkling elephant mask, while Charles opted for a golden design featuring a prancing tiger.

The charity was founded by the duchess’s brother, Mark Shand, and is Britain’s biggest funder of the endangered Asian elephant.

An official statement released by the PTI had earlier said that Khan was suffering from great pain from his injuries following a fall during an election rally in Lahore, and was travelling to Britain to consult specialist doctors.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had announced to host an all-parties conference to discuss the current security situation in the country and evolve a national policy to counter terrorism but the proposed moot has hit snags because of Khan’s visit to Britain among other reasons.

PTI’s senior leaders Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Makhdoom Javed Hashmi will now be representing PTI in the proposed moot.



    • Sorry someone else commented from my computer, it's a tuxedo! I take my words back(though they're not mine anyway)

    • By force of habit the PTI brigade of loggers have to deny anything that involves IK, even if it is the simple truth that he is wearing a Tuxedo. Obviously majority of those who look up to IK and his cult like followers will not know the difference between a Tuxedo and a Suit.

      • What nonsense about the dress of IK. Look at who invited him, your PM or President are ignored, British PM was there and many celebes, you should be proud of the fact that one Pakistani leader is worth receiving the invitation from the Prince Charles to attend his reception. And note that such invitations are most sought after through out the world. IK thankfully represented Pakistan as now he is a national leader. A narrow mind and negative thought will lead no where, remember.

    • Poor judgement. Do not forget Quaid-e-Azam succeeded in making Pakistan through this route.

    • Exactly!!! what would Your Royal Highness Nawaz Sharif know about us poor awam and our problems!! wake up people plz..its high time you realised the truth

    • The free treatment at Shaukat Khanum is given to Royal families only? open up your eyes and mind. Second largest number of people voted for him, are they all Royals?
      Must take a cold shower now to wake up.

  1. ok why weppl talk abt such thins, why we are not proud that khan has a personality, that he is loved all over the world, why he can not attend a ball, why this is assumed that he as a royal guest can not be with poor, please change ur thinking, think this way too, he is MA royal himself, & during checkups he can go to a party, we as a Nation are very bad , we do not deserve a Leader like khan, instead of being proud we have to criticize,. stop it please,

    • Khan always talk about western democratic standards but never applies to himself he has a daughter in USA and he does not acknowledge this; we don't need such leaders. Most of the people supporting khan are so called divergent liberals with no ethics

      • Are you also one of his lost offsprings as you claim he does not acknowledge? You have our sympathies.

      • Western democracy is the result of study of Islam, they have taken Islamic rules and laws and orders in their countries and that democracy is much better than the so called democracy (a lootmaar program) of Pakistan. You should keep your mind clean that not only liberals but also some good Islamic idealists have supported IK for his broad vision of democracy.

    • We feel really proud that a leader of ours was invited by the Royals to attend the ball thrown by Prince Charles and his wife Princess Comilla. When Imran Khan with his injury can attend lousy National Assembly Sessions where illiterates dominate and make useless speeches, he can also attend the Royal ball where only those who are some ones are invited, the celebes, is no doubt a matter of feeling elevated and happy.

  2. The unfortunate reality is that all of them, all the political elite, civil and khaki elite etc, have nothing in common with the masses that they rule. It is for the people to realise what afflicts them. All of these guys want to live in houses spread over acres, none of them live a simple life. Even the world's richest man, who owns Microsoft lives in a normal house, because he has a healthy normal mindset, not the sick mind that our elite has.

    • I second you… and no way will this sick minded elite of ours will let go… even if they to lick the assess of their masters, they will………this is how they ensure their own line of genealogy is safeguarded for 7 centuries to say the least and or for eternity

  3. this is who by his effort all nation today keeping Fast on same day first time in history….

  4. Obviously he wont be drinking Zam Zam at the ball Hosted by the Dutchess, and now PTI supporters will come swarming in saying he is a GREAT Leader , he can DRINK whatever he like .. tch tchh..

  5. Can't approve his behavior.Probably he is trying to copy Bhutto,who used to shed tears for poor while he was rated "Best dressed person".A split personality.As if he is saying"I care less what people say".His two statements always inrigued me:
    1) He mentions 1962/63 as the best year for Pakistan(as if to forget that it was Martial Law.but may be he condones it as it was another Khan.
    2) He used to say that I am not getting chance like ZAB,who capture those moments of unrest against Ayub.
    Hope he explains what is in his sub-consciousne and speaks his heart out.No doubt he has the chrisma and leadership qualities.To tell you the fact that I voted for him.

    • with assets in billions and living in houses spread over acres what type of revolution he talks? He needs to look his character himself such characterless persons can not guide nations

      • I Khan's favor I would say that 99% of politicians around the globe are filthy rich,so that has nothing to do with anything.As for his character,you ignorant fools can spread rumors over night.If you want to talk about someone,talk about BB,Zardari,Gilani,Raja rental,Sharifs,CJ.They all have one thing in common,they all have corruption cases worth Billions,that with a B.How many cases does Imran has against him???? By the way,I haven't lived in Pakistan in 33 years,if I did live there I would not have voted for Imran,infact I wouldn't have voted at all.I voted for Obama,both times lol

  6. He left national security meeting to attend this party. He is otherwise always crying against drone,terrorism and lawlessness but when the time came to act he just left the country.

    He is a british royal and they cannot have the pain for pakistani poor people.

  7. Please do not act like a sick person. In order to be successful in life one must have good relationships with people who matter. This helps in achieving their goals. If IK went for one or two weeks abroad he must have prepared an itenerary e.g. Check up and visits to hospital, meeting and spending time with children, meeting friends, visiting places of interest etc etc. This is what a normal person will do. In Pakistan the thinking is that one should be miserable and lead a miserable life. If some one eats a burger they will critise. Please change your thinking and behave like a normal person. Nasir Mahmood

  8. (I am not a supporter of PPP,I am giving an example)

    Have anyone ever seen Benazir Bhutto wearing gown or skirt when she visits United Kingdom or United States?

    No,she always remains simple with her white head scarf because being our leader she REPRESENTS our country.

    Imran Khan did not represent our country,he’s wearing clothes like he’s from New York or from London.

    Imran Khan is a legend and I respect him,but can we really call him our country’s representative in this state?

    • Hahahahaha do you know that Benazir performed as a model in a contraceptive commercial when she was a student in England. I have seen her shameful pictures. Her get up of wearing shalwar qameez and a veil was just to fool the poor masses in Pakistan. She wasn't even able to speak the language of millions of people whom she ruled. Once she said during her address: Azan buj raha hey. What a pity but the fact is fools are fools they are not made.

  9. @Desi from Lahore
    I am not talking about volouptuousness.
    I am talking about representation of our leaders on international level.

  10. Actions are stronger then Words but unfortunately in Pakistan and other third world countries Words are stronger then actions.
    Our Leaders have Billions in accounts & representing poors. Cats are taking care of mouses in Pakistan……….
    Good Luck to all of Us!

    • Note: Nawaz Sharif was critised for eating burger in the US. My reference was towards NS. If you have lived abroad you would know that at times it is difficult to find halal food and only some outlets sell halal burgers. In Pakistan you see some one eating a burger will jump and criticise. It is time we stop being petty minded!!

  11. Altaf hussein, Musharaff are all welcomed guests in UK as also all those in India who have black money stashed in Isle of Man. Imran Khan never hides his likes for good life and it is the Pakistani people who have to take a call on this. He is not a Mahathma Gandhi.

  12. Nation is suffering from the terrorism and he do not have the time for APC policy making and the leader left for spinal treatment from the Royal family of the kingdom.

    Well done Khan.

    • Why you didn't speak when Nawaz Sharif left for China !
      At least have a same feelings for all Pakistanis !

  13. These are the social events or places where significant deals are discussed. What if he discussed bringing new university to Pakistan with the Prince or other attendees! Creator of Pakistan managed his deed because he maintained good contacts and relations with the British when he moved to England when he could not see any other option. We in Pakistan have very narrow mind and thinking. That is the main reason we keep on fighting and wasting time on petty matters.

  14. Sub APC ka itna shor ker rahay hei, koi faidah howa hei iss ka aaj tuk Jo aab ho ga,
    Apna time and hamara tax money bhi waste ho ga aur result bhi kuch nahi niklay ga.

    • So instead of attending the AllParties Conf called for planning a joint strategy, IK thought it wise to attend Prince Charles Charity Ball, perhaps to discuss the Taliban?

  15. True Pakistani politican.Having a bright future in Pakistan politcal setup.Family life in UK , live in Pakistan rule and fool the Pakistanis

  16. Note: Nawaz Sharif was critised for eating burger in the US. My reference was towards NS. Stop being petty minded!!

    • The British are not flying the drones, Americans are. Nawaz Sherief should ask the Americans to stop sending drones and unfortunately he cannot because the Americans give lot of money to help , which a normal man never gets to see. Nawaz Sherief and lot of his family gets to use this money for their personal use.

    • yes, he always looked and behaved very well, always talks sense and should have been the Prime Minister to create NAYA PAKISTAN.

  17. Imran Khan is a leader of PTI and when invited in UK he done a great move to come over and joined the party for fund raising. Nothing wrong with that. Its better than Zardari coming to London and Paris and people were dying in floods in Pakistan Imran Khan got a great respect in the world and this is a great news for Pakistan. All must feel proud that he is a Pakistani attending with world dignitaries.

  18. Why they are saying…tht IK went their jst to attend the Balll party rather then leaving ACP meeting……..

  19. Obviously he wont be drinking Zam Zam at the ball Hosted by the Dutchess, and now PTI supporters will come swarming in saying he is a GREAT Leader , he can DRINK whatever he like .. tch tchh..

  20. How many APC on terrorism we need. Richard Armtage said the fact other day, Drone attacks only happen with Pakistan Collusion. And Pakistan can stop it if she wants. As IK said stop lying to people.

  21. IK with the Royal family who carried out worst atrocities on your forefathers and countrymen. A shameful act on your part IK. You are not what you pretend …. IMRAN BARA UPDESHAK HAE BATAON MAEN MUNN MOHLAYTA HAEY, GUFTAR KA YEH GHAZI TOE BANA KIRDAR KA GHAZI BUN NA SAKA

  22. ramazan and drinking,,,,whr is islam????? where is ایاکا نعبد وایاک نستعین

  23. SHAME on u IK. Roaming and partying in UK proves that u r just stories. Everyone here is waiting for His Highness to have a SERIOUS MEDICAL CHECKUP in UK and on his return APC on the security issue of Pakistan can be held. Plz PTI supporters wake up, I m not saying that u shud start supporting present political lot but atleast support a Pakistani

  24. Many political party leaders in Pakistan say that Imran Khan should have been there to attend APC I SAY WHY ? PML N is a so called majority party and must find how to tackle terrorism PTI is not friendly opposition party PTI was cheated in elections though this party had more votes than PML N and should have been a President if the system was Presidential. Anyway Imran Khan is the boss of his mind and knows well why he left Pakistan

    • to drink champagne and party with the Zionists of course ,, who will give him further directions..

  25. Comon guys give him a break. He needs it. What did he get out of doing so much for people of Pakistan?? He is enjoyng a bit of time out. Let him. He deservies it and on the tuxedo business….He would look out of place if he wore a shalwar kameez now would not he. If any of you were invited to a royal ball you would not be wearing a shalwar kameez, now would you.

    • so true .. and drinking champagne in shalwar kameez would look so BAD.. wont it .. way to go Captain.. cheers,, to the new Pakistan ..

  26. so true .. and drinking champagne in shalwar kameez would look so BAD.. wont it .. way to go Captain.. cheers,, to the new Pakistan ..

  27. Pa wa side banday meez ta yayee chee shook pa KPK "public eating" koo biya dagh day ta "dree meyash" prison sentence war ka woo, aow pa wa side banday day(Imran Khan) pa England shay "public drinking" koo pa Ramadan shay! Da(Imran Khan) khpal National security meeting ta na loorlai wilay? ahhhh pa Prince Charles Party shay maazay ka wal…da day Naya KPK leader dai!

  28. I cant believe how ignorant some of my fellow Pakistanis are at times. I think many of you guys should watch Malala's address to the UN and listen closely to her message; Get educated fools! and look at yourselves before you people who are doing something with their life rather than spreading negativity. Jealousy will get you nowhere except depression!

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