PM’s China visit restored confidence of business community


The visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to China has helped in restoring confidence of business community on economic policies of the government.
President Pakistan Economy Watch Murtza Mughal said this in a statement here on Wednesday.
He said that PM’s visit was a success, adding, positive response from Chinese government and private sector for resolving energy crisis is a good omen and will result in economic stability in Pakistan.
“PM’s timely visit to China reflect strong commitment of the PML-N government for economic progress and providing a sustainable and long term solution to energy crisis”, he said.
He said that China’s GDP is 8.227 trillion dollar and would be a house of 30 percent investment of the world till 2030.
He said that being a neighbouring country and having Chinese control on Gwader port, Pakistan will also avail lot of benefits of fast progress in China.
He said that Shahbaz Sharif’s visit to Qatar could help increase the pace of LNG import project.
The Punjab CM’s visit was in time and quite useful, he said.
Murtza Mughal expressed his hope that the policymakers of PML-N would give proper consideration to the changing scenario of investment in the region.
He praised the leadership of PML-N for focusing on poverty alleviation and long term economic development.