KP govt bans public eating in Ramadan


Issuing a Ramadan ordinance, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government on Thursday announced a three-month imprisonment or a fine of Rs 50,000 as a punishment for anyone seen eating or drinking in the public during the day.

However, it allowed passengers and patients to eat and drink at bus stops, airports, hospitals and any other public places.

The Home Department issued the ordinance and it would be observed in the province during Ramadan. It asked the Police Department, the deputy commissioners and other authorities concerned to ensure the implementation of the ordinance.


  1. thats the " Change " imran khan sorry now i wud also call him taliban khan was preeching before elections

  2. Guys before jumping to conclusions, such pratices are also used in the middle east where eating in public is banned and shurta comes to hunt you down. If something of this sort is being implemented then thats a good thing. But imprisonment of 3 months is a bit too much but maybe such hefty fines it he only wayout public will truly be vary of the repurcussions.

  3. if this rule is implemented in mid east or any other country, they will be called cultured ,mohazab qoum but if it is in Pakistan then it becomes .the point of criticism . why? Definitely this is the rule implemented in the most advance state called Dubai.
    implementing such rules is the duty of prevailing govt but fasting and not fasting by IK or any1 else is individual act.

  4. Great Change ! And Haterz IK is fasting if you want source go and read neqs what IK said about MQM there and 1 thing its a great step and haters What did your So Called PMLN did yet Increasing taxrs and enjoying our taxes by using helicopter for sasta Ramadan Lolx Go and Google it “Achievements of PTI in Kpk in 1 month” I am sure you will get an answer to shut your mouth IK is a Hundred Thousand times better then PmLn and The old looters of PMLN .

  5. The govt should use common sense and NOT ban eating and drinking during this holy month due to the EXTREME, heatwave taking place!! As S. Heena correctly pointed out, our holy Qur'an actually allows and permits one NOT TO fast if they are ill. Even the Clerics in Pakistan are saying that people are not forced to fast if they feel ill. What is wrong with the govt of Pakistan, go back to reading the Qur'an before you start implementing your own version of Islam!

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