Eating, drinking, smoking banned during fasting hours


Eating, drinking and smoking at public places during fasting hours in the holy month of Ramadan has been prohibited to ensure sanctity of the month.

In accordance with the provisions of Ehteram e Ramzan Ordinance 1981, all the provincial governments and concerned authorities in the province will ensure strict implementation of the ordinance, which prohibits serving of eatables at public places, prescribes closure timing of cinema houses, theaters and similar establishments and enjoins taking of steps for observing the due sanctity of the holy month.

According to the ordinance, no person shall eat, drink or smoke at public places during fasting hours. Under the ordinance, all cinema houses, theaters and similar establishments or institutions shall remain closed during the month of Ramadan from the time of sunset to the expiration of three hours thereafter.

If the proprietor, manager, servant or the person in charge of a cinema house, theater or similar establishment or institution contravenes the provisions, he will be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months or with a fine which may extend to Rs500 or both.

Section four of the ordinance says that exemptions shall apply in respect of a canteen or kitchen maintained at a hospital for serving food to patients, a restaurant or canteen within the premises of a railway station, airport, seaport or bus stand or in a train or aircraft, a kitchen or dining car of a train, or a kitchen or canteen meant for children within the premises of a primary school.

Meanwhile, the Islamabad Chief Commissioner Jawad Paul has directed the officials to ensure strict implementation of Ehtram e Ramazan Ordinance in the federal capital and violators be dealt with under the law.

Cinema closure timings from Iftar till after Taraweeh prayers will be observed in letter and spirit.


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