NAB spends Rs 4m to bring Tauqir Sadiq back



The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) spent a massive amount of four million rupees to bring back former OGRA chairman Tauqir Sadiq from the United Arab Emirates, the main accused in Rs 82 billion OGRA scam.

Sources said the former chairman of NAB had refused to issue warrant of arrest for Tauqir Sadiq when he was in Pakistan and tore apart the note sent to him by NAB officials requesting permission for arresting Sadiq.

The sources further said former interior minister Rehman Malik also did not cooperate with NAB in the arrest of the former OGRA chairman.

They said the amount was spent on travel expenses, boarding and lodging of NAB officials in Dubai and necessary details would be submitted in the Supreme Court. They also said that the amount could be recovered from the former NAB chairman.

NAB has also sent letters to inspectors general of police of the four provinces for the arrest of all those involved in OGRA corruption case. It is expected that the arrests would start after the appointment of the new chairman.

According to reports, people belonging to Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were involved in the case.

Meanwhile, doctors declared Sadiq physically fit during a medical examination at PolyclinicHospital on Tuesday night.

Sadiq, who is on a 14-day remand with NAB, was served with breakfast according to his demand.

He told NAB officials that he was being served food of 5-star hotel standard in Dubai and similar facilities should be extended to him in Pakistan.

The officials told him that facilities of Dubai could not be provided to him here.

On his demand, he was served with egg, bread and tea and was told that NAB had the services of cook and he could get prepared food of his choice.


    • not only NAB corruption…revolution will take care of all corruptions & corrupt people…..

  1. Make Tauqeer Sadiq an app rover "WADA MAAF GAWAH," on the condition that he will tell the truth and will divulge the names of all those who took the lions share from the looted money. It is the rich and powerful who have destroyed this country, not the poor.

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