Dual office controversy: Hamid Khan challenges Imran Khan’s authority



A tug of war has erupted among the leadership of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), with the party’s chief election commissioner Hamid Khan challenging the ruling of PTI Chairman Imran Khan over dual office of some office-bearers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government.

Hamid Khan had issued a notification on Tuesday removing Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak from his party office of the secretary general.

He also removed Asad Qaiser, speaker of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, from the PTI post and Shaukat Yousafzai, the provincial health minister, from his position as the general secretary of the party in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

However, party chief Imran Khan intervened the same day, announcing that only the central executive committee had the authority to take decision on the matter and other major issues.

The situation took another turn on Wednesday when Hamid Khan issued a rejoinder to Imran Khan’s statement.

“This is with regard to the Press Release issued by the Central Media Cell, PTI in response to the decision taken by the Central Election Commission of the Party regarding vacation of Party offices by those who have assumed public responsibilities.”

Hamid claimed that Imran Khan’s press statement had been issued in complete ignorance of the party’s constitution.

“Under Article XVII of the PTI’s Constitution captioned ‘Qualification of Election to Party Office’; it is clearly stated that in case of challenges with regard to qualification, the party Election Commission will adjudicate in such matters where disputes arise regarding qualifications of party office-bearers to continue in their respective offices while also being holders of public offices”.

The statement said that the decision announced by the General Election Commission regarding the vacation of party offices by those holding public offices was final and had come into force as of Tuesday, July 9.

“Decision has also announced nominating people to perform the functions of the vacated positions pending the announcement of the election schedule. The decisions of the Central Election Commission, being an autonomous institution under the PTI constitution, are final and do not need any confirmation,” Hamid Khan concluded.




    • Mr Asim and what are those leader doing for the masses who are not burgers ????

      1. Increased Taxes
      2. Increased Electricity rates
      3. Increased Petrol Prices.
      4. Increased GST which will increase the price of each and every commodity.
      5. Increased the pay only after protest from masses

      These leaders are only master in building roads…giving laptops and yellow cabs….they can give u a permanent solution…….

      • Did ASIM claim that current govt. was doing better ?? No, He said PTI is burger class, so respond to him about PTI. Convince him that PTI cares for masses. And if you can't do that, you've accepted that he is right and are giving another excuse.

        • Brother, PTI won from Mianwali and KPK and if these are the areas of burger people then area where other parties won are of high degree of burgerness. PTI has to perform in KPK otheriwse we will be against it.. however for other parties we cant say good as their past and present all r against the humanity and governance.. Khawaja Saad won from defence who is the burger???

    • The billionaire Nawaz with a billionaire son in London stays up all night worrying about the plight of the masses.

  1. This may be new to Pakistani people but this is the true (and mature) spirit of democracy. The 'law' has to be followed and not the words of so called leaders (unlike PPP and PMLN where Zatdari and NS are taken to be like divine powers).

  2. They are amature people. Within one month they create a lot of of mess in the reference of party leadership. Fozia Qassuri out and in issue. Javeed hashmi statement and etc

    • This is called real democracy that you can even go against your chief if he is not in the line of party objectives !!

      • Just wait and see what the 'chief' says on this. Remember that he tamed someone who said something that "he" didn't like (Javed Hashmi's assembely speech!)

  3. british always has respect to those people who has self esteem .. non corrupt and honest to their nation… like they have great respect for m.a jinnah.. ab nwaz shareef ko tu nai bulain gy kabe be.. imran is on havin better journay to lobe against altaf hussain… and just to spent time with his sons…. to understand the feelings of poor , its not necessary you should wear same clothing or live in the same area or to eat same food.. his post cricket life revolve around poor of pakistan.. he spent whole of his savings on shokat khanim and namal university..

  4. I believe its a healthy argument for one leader to disagree with the other over the possibility of over looking some details.This is not a case of one over stepping another leaders authority,I think this is good for the so called democracy where one has the right to or the ability to challenge the ruling of the head of the party.At least they are not acting like dummies and say yes to everything.Who knows what the outcome will be,but I see nothing wrong with challenging your party head on a decision he made.

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