Pakistan, Japan have rich potential to expand trade ties


Pakistan’s Ambassador to Japan Farukh Amil on Tuesday met President Asahina Yutaka and senior executives members of the Editorial Board of Mainichi Shimbun – a major newspaper of Japan, with a circulation of 4.4 million daily.
History, friendship, culture, trade and politics between Pakistan and Japan were discussed.
The ambassador highlighted the strong history of business relations with the presence of a Japanese bank in Karachi in 1925.
Yutaka expressed gratitude for the help and assistance of Pakistan during the Great East Japan Earthquake. He appreciated the significant role played by Pakistani expatriates in Japan in reaching out to earthquake victims.
Yutaka praised the film “Chair on the Grass” highlighting the association of Mainichi Shimbun with the author of the novel on which the film was based.
Yutaka said the transition of power from one democratically elected government to another in Pakistan, in a transparent and peaceful manner, was greatly welcomed. He also noted the interest of Pakistan in mega-infrastructural projects and the energy sector and hoped the business oriented government was keen to expand ties with key economies such as Japan.
The ambassador expressed deep appreciation to the people and Government of Japan for their help and assistance to Pakistan, rendered with respect and in accordance with human dignity, over the last six decades.
He urged the President Mainichi Shimbun to hire one or two graduate students in media and communications from Pakistan as interns in the newspaper where they could develop their expertise.