1. Well what may ever happen in this country the Mians will remain focused on their fantasies… But to some extent we have to give them credit… As speedy trains, motorways, subways and helicopters will always help to discard the corpses of the Pakistanis dying daily !

  2. The lesson they should have learned from China (and South Korea) is how to lift millions out of poverty with policies that sustain and economic take off . Look at China in 1980 and look at it now. Breath taking!

  3. Dar and Kaput…you don't. know about poverty in china. Infrastructure like trains, motorways, hospitial are necessary conditions for inviting foreign investors…!

    • Your point in unclear. Pakistan needs infrastructure and policies that deliver on economic and employment growth.
      Trains are great but Pakistan railways needs basic investment to make what it has viable and economic. High speed trains are a luxury when you can't keep the lights on, provide security or ensure that people can earn an honest and decent living.
      Hopsitals? Yes. But Nawaz Sharif were not 'shopping' for hospitals etc.

  4. If I have read right and remember rght…I think the Pakistan Railways is on the verge of bankruptcy right?

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