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Suicide bomber kills 7, injures over 10 in Hangu

At least seven people were killed and more than 10 were injured in a suicide bomb explosion in Hangu while two bomb disposal squad personnel were killed when the improvised explosives device they were defusing went off in Swabi on Monday.

Beside losses to precious lives both in Hangu and Swabi, at least three people fell victim to targeted killing in Peshawar and two in adjacent Khyber Agency also on Monday.

Police official said a suicide bomber, riding a motorcycle, hit his explosives-laden two-wheeler into a car owned by Habib Ullah Khan Wazir in Dawaba Bazaar on Tora Warai Road. The collision resulted in an explosion, killing seven people and injuring more than 10.

Wazir is chief of a peace committee established against militants in the area.

Dawaba Police SHO Rahim Khan told Pakistan Today that Wazir was seriously injured while his brother and bodyguard were killed on the spot. He said Wazir and the other injured had been admitted to hospital where condition of several of them had been stated to be critical.

The SHO confirmed that militants had been trying to target Wazir since long. He had earlier survived two attempts on his life.

Meanwhile, two personnel of the bomb disposal squad were killed while trying to defuse a bomb planted beside the boundary wall of a government school in Jamalabad Dara area of Swabi.

Separately, at least five people fell victim to targeted killing in Peshawar and Khyber Agency. Two were shot dead in Parangsum checkpost of Khyber Agency by two assailants, who were later arrested by the Khasadar Force and handed over to officials of the law enforcement agencies.

Agha Meerjani Police also found a bullet-riddled body of a youngster in Hazarkhwani area.

Late on Sunday night, former assistant director of the Intelligence Bureau, Mohammad Mujahid, was shot dead by unidentified armed men in Sheikh Abad area of Peshawar.

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  1. serious said:

    Terrorists keeps bleeding country and no serious taken against state enemies but government is confused and failed to make clear policy for state enemies and for over all law and order situation in country.Police need restructure as its over all performance is worst and always fails on critical incidents and incapable to foil terrorism before it happens.As police been primary force it needs military training and need to be equipped with modern weapons and technology just like in developing countries.If police performance improves most law and order situation in country can be improved. Government should take serious steps to improve law and order situation in country.

  2. US Centcom said:

    We stand by the nation of Pakistan during these testing times. The terrorists continue to claim innocent lives in their bid to destabilize the nation. It would be safe to say that their terrorist operations have spread throughout the country. We just witnessed an act of terror in Old Anarkali's food street area of Lahore on Saturday, killing at least three people and injuring 37 others. The seriousness of the situation requires us to remain unified against the enemies of peace, and refrain from indulging in conspiracy theories that let these terrorists off the hook. We repeat what Jen Psaki, Department of State Spokesperson, said recently:”The United States stands with the people of Pakistan in condemning such senseless and inhumane acts [recent bombings]. We offer our deepest condolences to the families of those killed and wish those injured a speedy recovery.”

    Ali Khan

  3. akbar sk. said:

    they (terrorist)must take take a holiday for atleast 2 days,,everyday bombing is getting bored.we totally fed up with this..our country is not ruled by our country,,terrorism is important in pakistan,a failed nation,,,ranking no 1 dangerous place on earth..

  4. mushjr said:

    TTP is CIA funded. The plan destroy Pakistan economy and take out nukes. Until the Feudals and generals who are paid servants of USA are taken to task, Pakistan will never be a free and prosperous country.

  5. shahid kk. said:

    u r correct mr mushjr.we ll never be free.terrorism is like plague,,it destroy our nation,some countries won war against them like india,they r having more muslims than us, good govrment,democrazy ,ministers,defence and free environment made them strong.main thing is education,this MULLAS will destroy our nation..we r begging with golden bowl..

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