Imran leaves for UK amid growing concerns over his health


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan left on a two-week visit to the United Kingdom on early Monday for his medical checkup and some family engagements amid fears about his recovery from a spinal injury he suffered on May 7.

Khan, who had a fall from a forklift before the general elections, is still nursing his injuries and would undergo medical checkup with a prominent expert in London.

This would be first foreign visit by Khan after the rise of the PTI after the May 11 general elections.

PTI Information Secretary said Shireen Mazari contradicted reports that Khan would be holding meetings with British authorities seeking action against suspects allegedly involved in the murder of PTI leader Zahra Shahid Hussain.

“I don’t know who is fuelling such rumours,” she said, adding that Khan’s visit had already been planned and it was strictly private in nature. However, she could not hide her concerns about Khan’s health.

“He is not totally fit yet. He would visit a spine specialist there while some physiotherapists would also help in the rehabilitation process (for his back),” she asserted.

During his absence, PTI President Javed Hashmi would be looking after the party affairs while PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi would look after the affairs of the parliamentary party during Khan’s absence.

A PTI source however told APP that though Khan had been treated by top medics in Lahore, the pace of his recovery was “very slow” and Khan and his aides were not satisfied with the treatment.

“If needed, Khan may extend his stay in London,” the PTI source said, adding that he would also attend some fundraising functions for ShaukatKhanumMemorialHospital and NamalUniversity.

“Since it would be the holy month of Ramadan, Khan would also attend some fund-raising functions already planned in the UK,” the source claimed.

He added that the PTI chief would also meet certain officials of the British government and would officially submit his party’s complaint against some suspects involved in the murder of PTI leader Zahra Shah Hussain – a fact contradicted by the party’s information secretary.

She also expressed her ignorance about fund-raisers for Khan, saying that due to the advent of holy Month of Ramadan, any such activity might have been arranged but she was unaware of it.


  1. It is a differnt thing to have a second opinion than to come up with the statement that Imran is not satisfied with the treatment and progress. It amounts to vote of no confidence in Pakistani doctors. Every pakistani politician does this. Nawaz,Shabaz, Hashmi, Musharraf and now Imran has joined the exclusive club. I can name some begums too!

    I am personally proud of my colleagues in Pakistan . They do a wonderful job.

  2. There should be a double check on health issues as it is very serious matter and it should be given priority. As a matter of belief on Pakistani Doctors, no doubt on the ability of Pakistani Doctors but there is only one Hospital SKH where we can trust. That is a matter of concern over PMLN performance over 26 years. they could not establish a single hospital where Sharief brothers can get treatment in emergency.

  3. There is always talk like that but in the case of Imran Khan he does need to be seen top class surgeon and second opinion is always helpful in cases of this nature when spine is involved. I hope he is fine and his treatment in Pakistan was as good as UK There are A1 Surgeon and Drs. in Pakistan and he did get the right treatment. Imran Khan also wanted to see his two sons He must be missing them a lot If it was Ok his kids should have gone to Pakistan to see him when he had a fall but may be they were in schools. Imran Khan does deserve and got every right to go ahead with his already planned medical checkup in London.

  4. Good luck Mr. Farooq He likes to have meetings and conferences may be sometime they are fine but when situations are fragile and tricky then some other measures are required.

  5. We like a leader but when he needs our assistance to substantiate his actions and decisions we suddenly start leading the leader instead of being led despite the fact that we had already expressed our trust in his decisions. I think leaders do not change as much as we voters change after elections.

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