Citizens protest shifting of Sui Gas Regional Office


Shifting of Sui Northern Gas Regional Office outside the city has sparked a lot of resentment among the citizens.

The regional office has been set up in a plaza located in Rawat which has been acquired at a monthly rent of Rs1.1 million. The citizens and the lower staff of the sui gas office have strongly protested against the establishment of the regional office in the remote locality.

A group of small traders complained, “We will have to hire a taxi or travel by private transport to the offices to register our complaints. We cannot pay sky high taxi fares which will make us suffer heavily in terms of time and money.”

A low paid government employee said that the authorities have added to their woes instead of easing them by relocating their office in a remote area.

The citizens have demanded the government to shift back the regional office in the city otherwise they will be forced to stage protest rallies.