Kidnapped girl recovered



A girl was kidnapped from her house on Friday in situated in Shibli Town Sanda.

As per details, Rabia (16) a student of Grade 8 was kidnapped by Riaz Masih. Sakina the girl’s mother told Pakistan Today that she left the house to do groceries and upon her return found her daughter missing and everything out of place. Valuables including Rs 28,000 cash and gold were also missing.

After asking the neighbors, one of the men Ahmed Raza told that he saw Raiz Masih entering in the house.

Sakina went to Sanda Police Station to file an FIR against the accused.

The police took immediate action and arrested Riaz Masih from Muhammad Nagar area and recovered the girl.


A woman who attempted to commit suicide a few days ago died in MayoHospital on Friday.

According to reports, the 24 year old woman resident of Ravi Road, tried to commit suicide by setting herself ablaze after pouring kerosene oil on herself due to a family dispute. The woman was admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

She succumbed to her injuries while in hospital.


An over speeding tractor trolley hit Rehan (12) killing him instantly. The incident took place in Mehmood Botti, Baghbanpura.

The driver was arrested by the police and the body was shifted to hospital for post mortem.


  1. Kidnapping a girl from Shibli Town,Sanda Lahore is a shameful and the culprit should be given maximum punishment. The quick recovery of the kidnapped girl by the Sanda Police is appreciate and we request to the Chief Minister of Punjab to honor these police officers with cash awards and appreciation certificates. Police is requested to perform their duties with the same spirit with more eagerness and efficiently.

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