UVAS and Star Farms sign MoU for developing livestock, dairy


The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) and Star Farm Pakistan Private Limited on Thursday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work mutually to develop the livestock and dairy sectors.

Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Talat Naseer Pasha and Star Farm Pakistan Managing Director Shauket Ali Sherazi signed the MoU at a ceremony at the UVAS City Campus.

Under the MoU, both organisations would organise training programs for preparing trainers in the livestock and dairy fields. The training programmes would be arranged by the UVAS at the university’s labs, lecture halls, model farms, feed processing plants, pasteurization plant and milking parlour. UVAS would provide certification and examination facilities for the trainees.

Both organisations would also exchange information, materials and facilities of mutual interest.

The vice chancellor said that the university was providing animal production techniques and facilities at its Ravi Campus, adding that the UVAS 24/7 Extension Service was helping the farming community and striving to improve the overall health, productivity and animal well-being.

Further, Professor Pasha said that the livestock markets were in poor condition and needed to be reformed so that the developed products could bring huge profits for farmers in general and the country in particular.

Moreover, Star Farms Managing Director Shaukat Ali informed that his farm was working with many organisations like Agri-Business Support Fund Programme, USAID, Agricultural Rural Support Programme (ARSP), and was also linking with the academia to train all stakeholders.


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