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SC seeks record of Salman Farooqi’s appointment as federal ombudsman

The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday sought all relevant record and notifications with regard to the appointment of Salman Farooqi as the federal ombudsman.

A three-member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard a suo motu case on the appointment of Farooqi.

During the course of hearing, the CJP observed that it was clear that Suleman Farooqi visited US in connection with treatment of his wife in the capacity of secretary general.

He further remarked, “Apparently, he has been working on the post of secretary general. Payment of salaries was also made which he had returned after receiving them. As per the managing director (MD) of Printing Corporation, the oath taken by Suleman Farooqui as the federal ombudsman was not part of gazette.”

Shah Khawar appeared in court and told that a “reply has been prepared which will be filed today”.

The CJP inquired of the MD, “Is there any summary or orders available with you with reference to the appointment of the acting federal ombudsman in 2012.”

The MD said the court had sought a reply which was being filed.

The CJP asked, “The record be presented before us that up to what period Suleman Farooqui received salary as the federal ombudsman. When you appointed him as the federal ombudsman you might have opened a new account. Provide the information. “

The court was told that salary for the month of February was also paid to Suleman Farooqi as the secretary general, but was deposited back by him through a challan on April 22, 2013.

The accountant general told the court that Farooqi had received salary for the month of March with reference to federal ombudsman.

The CJP said the court should be informed about the record on payment of salaries for the month of March and April, 2013.

The court was informed by the AGPR that all record was ready and would be filed today.

The CJP said the president appointed the federal ombudsman “but his notification was issued by law ministry”.

Justice Ejaz said, “There was no need to take oath in respect of office of acting federal ombudsman, therefore, he did not take oath. He went up on May 14, 2013 in connection with treatment of his wife but he dealt with all matters as the secretary general. The situation has become clear and it is evident from record held by him and he himself is writing that he had relinquished the office of secretary general on February, 28, 2013. Contradiction is also there in the matter of oath taking.”

The CJP added, “Farooqi had declared him the secretary general while proceeding in connection with treatment of his wife and he had sought permission for proceeding abroad with reference to treatment. The prime minister had approved his leave application. Principal secretary to the PM had written a note in this regard on May 4, 2013. The PM had approved $25,000 through letter written on May 13, 2013. Like wise, other documents are sufficient to prove that Farooqi was holding the office of secretary general to the president when he was going abroad with regard to treatment of his wife.”

The court later adjourned the hearing until July 22.

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