Drone attacks may lead to direct standoff with US: Nisar


Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday said continuation of drone attacks in Pakistan could lead to a “direct standoff” between Pakistan and the United States.

“We have categorically conveyed to the US authorities through the ambassador that this standoff could have serious implications on withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan as well as post-withdrawal scenario,” he told reporters at the ministry.

Nisar said drone attacks were not only violation of the country’s sovereignty but were also resulting in collateral damage that was not acceptable at any cost.

“The US must consider whether such attacks would be affordable for them. They will have to mend their ways they have been pursuing since the last seven years,” Nisar said.

The interior minister said the British government had not yet officially sought any input from the government regarding the case of Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain.

Nisar said the case against Altaf was being dealt by British authorities. “Pakistan is being updated by them.”

Regarding the initiation a trial against former president Pervez Musharraf under Article 6, Nisar said the special committee had started its work and the report would be produced before the Supreme Court.

Lauding the sacrifices rendered by the Pakistan Army in its fight against terrorism, he said there was no conflict between the political government and the armed forces.

To a question, Nisar said the government had decided to convene a meeting of the heads of all political parties in parliament on July 12 to formulate a comprehensive national security policy to bring peace and overcome terrorism.

The interior minister said he would telephone all leaders and announce a final schedule of the meeting, adding that all chief ministers, Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani and heads of all law enforcement agencies would also be invited to the meeting.

However, he said the formulation of national security policy was a complicated task and it might take sometime to finalise.

Nisar said three task forces had been formed to look into the issues of national security, missing persons and return of Dr Afia Siddiqui which would submit their reports within two weeks.

He said a wide ranging revamping would be done in all attached departments of the Interior Ministry and officers with good repute will be posted in the field to improve the situation.

The interior minister expressed his concern over the coup in Egypt and said democracy should flourish at any cost and that there must be rule of law.

To another question regarding law and order in Karachi and Balochistan, Nisar said the government had a clear policy on the issue and Frontier Crops and Rangers were working under the control of respective provincial governments which were responsible to maintain law and order.

However, he said all-out resources would be extended to the provincial governments to restore peace in troubled areas.

The minister said it had been decided that none of the foreigners or international agencies could directly interact with Pakistani officials without proper permission from the high ups.

To a question, he said investigation into the killing of foreign tourists was heading positively, hoping that the real culprits will be apprehended soon and brought to justice.

He said a special cell would be set up at the Federal Investigation Agency to protect human rights including overcoming harassment of women and children.


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      For further confirmation, just give him a minute to check back if he was wearing the right wig at the time he was saying it …

      • Yes please,I'll have what Nisar is having………Is that really a wig??? He needs to share it with Donald Trump

  1. Do you really mean it Chaudhry sahib? Have you checked with NS and his mentor Saudi Arabia who in turn is client state of US? But of course there is no harm in showing off !!

  2. I think Chaudhary Nisar is not in conscious state, taking the loan from the IMF which work under the US and at the same time saying that further drone attacks may lead to direct standoff with US, in showing off there is no harm.

  3. It is a bit difficult to believe Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan when he says that continuation of drone strikes could give rise to a direct standoff between the United States and Pakistan, and could have serious implications on withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan as well as post-withdrawal scenario."

    So far the government has made no serious attempt to stop the drone strikes, like raising it at the United Nations, and has limited its action to making noises in front of the US embassy staff, despite the fact that killing of Taliban leader Waliur Rahman proved to be a great setback for our planned negotiations with Taliban.

    American officials must be taking the conduct as continuation by our officials of the old 'drone' policy whereby they make noises for public consumption but show no intention of taking any real action.

    Things seem to be going all right for the Americans and when US officials come here, our top men rush to welcome them even in complete disregard of protocol at times, and it is not very difficult to visualize what sort of signals such conduct will give to the Americans: surely not that of an annoyed person.

    The joke has gone on far too long and must stop now.


  4. Chaudhry Nisar's statement is for domestic consumption. Economically and politically weak never dictate terms. Pakistanis have been sheltering Haqqani & Hekmatiyar networks in North Waziristan for years and have expressed their inability to take on them. NATO/US have found this novel method of attacking them through drones based on aerial surveys and intelligence gathering. There is collateral damage though, which is unfortunate but drones have been effective.
    Pakistan knows if it retaliates, it would be in worse situation due to sanctions and the UN would sanction military action against it to flush out terrorists.

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      His family's citizenship is a 'national security matter' and 'strategically deployed' — it can not be discussed with 'ordinary Pakistanis' …

  5. United States of America wants to destroy Pakistan just like they destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq.But USA is forgetting that Pakistan is NOT Afghanistan or Iraq,

    Pakistan is the SIXTH biggest nuclear power of the world and the super power of the Muslim world.

    Pakistan only have some dumb politicians who are busy in making bribery.

    Time Magazine regards Pakistan as bigger nuclear power than India.

    So dear USA,if you start war with Pakistan it would not be a war,it would be World War 3.

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      Worldwide it's understood that Pakistan's nuclear power has really morphed into 'nuclear chapati' for it's domestic consumption …
      Forget World War 3 — that's not happening. Because USA is so scared of Pakistan's power …

  6. Even very weak countries are living with pride with honour. If we have a pride, ready to offer and live under hard conditions then there is no problem to take conflict with US with the help of international laws and norms. Democratic system has the ability to do so. Uncle Sam also have limits.It's our cowardeness and American impressed elite in Pakistan that is the main cause of Droan attack. We must be brave nation and make all efforts to stop illegal attacks upon our borders.

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      If you think "elite in Pakistan" is the one who messed it up, then your first order of business should be getting rid of "elite in Pakistan" …
      Wanna play ???

  7. Last month 160 Pakistani citizens were murdered by local terrorists…the only thing stopping these terrorists is the drone strikes…and Pakistan govt wants to stop these drones?…why?…because some Pakistani politicians have sold out to these terrorists that is why…wake up Pakistan…

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