CDA plans to launch air-conditioned bus service


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has evolved a plan to launch an air conditioned bus service on five different routes inside the city. As many as 80 new buses will be purchased for this project, and they will be diesel-based. The estimated cost of these buses is eight billion rupees. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has directed the concerned quarters to include Rawalpindi in this project as well, which will increase the cost of the buses. Of the five planned routes, the first will start from I-11 and terminate at Secretariat via Jinnah Avenue. The second route will commence at F-10 and also end at Secretariat via Jinnah Avenue. The third will begin from G-11 and end at Secretariat, covering the areas of Kashmir Highway, G-9 and Jinnah Avenue. The 4th route will include the areas of F-10, Jinnah Avenue, 9th avenue and I-11. Lastly, the fifth route will start from G-11 and terminate at I-11 via G-9 Markaz, Ibne Sina road and 9th Avenue.