We won’t let anyone rob our share in water and power


Sindh Minister for Information SharjeeL Innam Memon has made it clear that no one will be allowed to rob the share of Sindh in water and power.

The minister said this in a statement issued on Tuesday. He expressed his deep concern over the continued load shedding of 15 to 20 hours. He said outages were being carried out in rural and urban parts of Sindh which had made the lives of people miserable and pathetic.

He said PML-N was taking revenge from the people of Sindh after it faced defeat in the province. The minister stressed that Sindh should be provided the same share of power/electricity as it was receiving during the regime of PPP government.

The minister said that excessive load shedding before Ramadan had caused great concerns among the government circles and masses. For providing relief to the masses from load shedding, war-footing measures were needed, he stressed.

Memon said masses should not be put under more stress due to load shedding and water shortage by depriving Sindh of its due share in water and power. He said people should not be made fool by making false promises, instead they should be provided whatever they deserve for.

He called upon the concerned authorities to pay full attention over acute shortage of water and power. He assured the people of Sindh that the PPP government would not leave any stone unturned to resolve this serious issue.