The sinking Titanic


This is in response to “sinking Titanic” alluded to by Mr Altaf Hussain, the British nationality holder, whose political party has been given the mandate in Karachi. Pakistan’s symbolic Titanic is not sinking because of some natural disaster, but is in danger of being damaged by selfish saboteurs who unfortunately were either given the mandate to govern and deliver to the people or by the few within paid civil and uniformed bureaucracy who have drilled holes in its hull, by robbing the timber that held this ship together.
This country built by Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, Maulana Fazalul Haq etc will definitely survive with the sweat and labour of its 180 million toiling patriots, who will defeat efforts of those who having benefited the most from its creation, having chosen to abandon it and pledged loyalty to another nation and its sovereign. What greater honour can be bestowed upon an individual who has been given the mandate to represent them and what can be an uglier betrayal than betraying this honour and choosing to rob the very coffers which they were supposed to protect and build upon.
Countries and nations do not sink just because individuals do not have their way but only if states do not allow rule of law within their boundaries and leaders elected by people fail to uphold their oath of office to protect the constitution and the nation fails to hold them accountable. As long as the people can rise to protect their country and its sovereignty from saboteurs and robbers within it, no amount of external threat can harm Pakistan. If this country can survive the death of its founding father, it can certainly rise up to face the threats posed by the insatiable greed of few, for whom this country is not fit enough for their children to live in.


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