No load shedding during sehr‚ iftar and traveeh: Nawaz


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif directed officials concerned that there should be no load shedding during sehriftar and traveeh timings.
The PM also directed for reducing load shedding during Ramazan.
Nawaz directed the Water and Power Ministry to ensure uninterrupted power supply during sehr‚ iftar and traveeh timings.


  1. No load shedding during Seher and Iftar during Ramzan, instructed the PM. There in lies the solution to load shedding, the clergy by consensus declare that all 365 days are fast for Pakistani Muslims.

  2. apka ahsan ka shukria. Clever statement. Ab apka yeh ahsan be ho ga kay sahri aftari ko loadshedding nahi ho ge. After paying IPP circular debts of 300 billions , we get just this much, and this wud be after cutting from rest of the day's time. Loadshedding wud still be the same. Shame on you ganja shareef

  3. Thats nothing to be bragging about,even the last useless government did that much during the month of Ramazan

  4. May Allah Taala empower Ministry of Electricity and Water to act upon the sincere directives of Mian Nawaz Sharif,but it looks and seems that a group of black sheep will never fulfill these advices.Ok they will do one thing only to issue the Bills without having any proper readings of the meters.More problems will come out.KHUDA KHAIR KARE PAKISTANI LOGAON KI AAMEEN

    • Why you are asking Allah to empower ministry?
      Prime Minister of Pakistan has enough power to implement his "sincere directives". But this is just a statement and nothing will happen.

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