PM orders termination of corrupt officials



Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has ordered his cabinet ministers to get rid of corrupt and dishonest officials and ensure transparency and rule of law in their respective departments.

In a letter written to the federal ministers and secretaries, PM Nawaz Sharif stated that eliminating corruption was the government’s top priority, therefore, only qualified, able and well-reputed officers should be deputed on management positions.

Furthermore, the ministries should ensure transparency and not tolerate fraudulent officials, adding that such office-holders should immediately be sent packing.

The prime minister further instructed that the ministers and secretaries should strictly follow the instructions as ineligible and corrupt officials could not deliver better governance.

He also ordered all federal secretaries to cancel the contracts of corrupt officials.

Nawaz suggested that in order to arrive at a corruption-free government, the selection and appointment process for officers working at integral institutions required strict scrutiny.

The federal secretaries and cabinet should keep the prime minister informed of any developments and changes made.

The prime minister said the government’s top priority was to root out corruption from every sector. He said there was no room for corrupt persons in his government.

Nawaz said his directives should be implemented in letter and spirit for better results.


  1. That means 90% of the officials should be terminated.If the PM wants to ensure transparency,he needs to lead the way and publish the list of officials first and foremost to lead by example.By the way,every day there is a new TOP PRIORITY,first it was energy crisis,then came the terrorists and now the corruption.Sill no change in load shedding,infact its worse,terrorists are still killing the innocent and corruption,well its still thriving.Until the government makes these names public,and holds them accountable,ain't nothing going to change.So far its been a great display of lip service,all talk no action to suggest something is being done.Well,thats incorrect,actually people are paying a lot more in taxes,energy,POL and even phones charges are up to 42%.WELL DONE.

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