Pakistani women excelling in every field, says Fariha


Stressing the need for economic and social empowerment for women, renowned artist Fariha Mohsin told reporters that it was admirable and highly commendable the way in which Pakistani women were paving the way and excelling in every field under the sun.

She was speaking as the chief guest at an art exhibition featuring works of women designers on the eve of the “TW9Y EXPO MOM” event here on Sunday.

“Every day is a day when the beauty and courage of our women should be celebrated”, she opined, before inaugurating the exhibition.

“This event is an excellent opportunity to appreciate the remarkable contribution of women in our society and honour their empowerment,” Fariha further exclaimed.

The exhibition had numerous exhibits on display in addition to showcasing works by senior women designers as well as amateurs, new to the field, both from Karachi and the rest of the country. The event was brilliantly arranged with free makeovers for mothers, cupcake decoration for children and various other activities. Exhibitors offered a variety of stalls displaying jewelry, collectibles, handicrafts, home accessories, bed ware, purses, food, designer religious clothing and of course hundreds of dresses.


  1. What crap.Fashion designing and makeovers are NOT considered as the fields that distinguish a people.Yes in a social moot perhaps.So do not mislead our womenfolk by such talk.Our Electronic Media is doing the damage remarkably well already.

  2. It is good to know about the new regulation especially this point took my attention that in Pakistan there are many groups that are working to spread awareness on where can i pay someone to write my essay and women's are also motivated. This is time that religious people also take initiative and address this issue.

  3. The world has become a global village and it is not strange that now women are contributing a lot in the development and progress of their
    consultation voyant countries so the Pakistani women are also paving the way and excelling in every field to bring development and success.

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