12th Lux Style Awards 2013 Farhad Hamayun grabs nominations in two categories


Farhad Humayun, an integral part of the band Overload, has often been hailed for his live performances on drums and is ranked by many as one of Pakistan’s best drummers.
With the 12th Lux Style Awards 2013 approaching it came as no surprise that Farhad was nominated in two categories.
Farhad has previously been nominated eight times in the Lux Style Awards (LSA) and his band secured an award in the 2006 Lux Style Awards for ‘Best Live Act’. This time he has been nominated in categories of ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘best Music Video Director’. Recently, we got to meet with Farhad Humayun and he shared with us his thoughts on the upcoming LSA 2013 and about his nominated music video ‘Ankahi’.
Your views on the making of Ankahi and getting nominate for Best Music Video Director for it.
Farhad: I had a cast of over a hundred characters. The shoot itself was quite an event to manage. I was working with the best team of technicians, my DP, Sabeeh Khan, my editor Hassaan Ashraf, the talented Navid Shahzad, Nighat Chaodhry and Nadeem understood the emotion of the song, with me having to explain anything. They all had their own interpretations and their magic is what has made the video epic! Also the song itself and the music composed by Sheraz (Overload’s keyboardist) hit my heart so I decided to direct it myself in the first place
Your previous experience of Lux Style Awards
Farhad: Overload won for best live act in 2006. We were young and we felt we’d won Pakistan’s modt glamourous showbiz award. It was an honour that our music was being recognised.
Tell us something about your future projects and who do you see as the next rising musician? Also we would like to know how you entered the music industry, who or what was your major source of inspiration?
Farhad: Too many small & big projects to mention. My inspiration comes from all the happiness and joyous moments, hurt, anguish, triumph, acts of of kindness and brutality I’ve seen and the co-existence of these in life. In my music I step into characters of different people that I used to be and what I’d like to become in the future. I get a chance to analyze and sometimes amend.There are lots of bands and musicians I have high hopes for. SYMT, Ali Asad, Jarar, Maha
What do you think is the future of music in Pakistan?
Farhad: Music is bigger than any other art form or discipline in show-business in Pakistan. Musicians are always trend setters. They have the power to influence and convince people. There’s a lot of of money in music which is why people want to ge into it but only those who have the skill and the honesty of heart and determination will make it. The upcoming year will see a lot of investment of money injected into the music scene and we will start earning royalties also. I aim to make this into an ‘industry’. It’s not there yet but I’m doing my best.
What message would you like to give to your fans?
Farhad: Message to my fans: thanks so much for all your support especially in the last here years that Overload has re invented itself. Thanks for always accepting what we give you. I’m a small speck of sand in the desert but Overload would be nothing if you people didn’t care. Stay true and never let anyone or anything bring you down!
Madhuri refuses to cuss in ‘Dedh Ishqiya’
While Abhishek Chaubey’s 2010 film ‘Ishqiya’ was generously peppered with expletives, the sequel ‘Dedh Ishqiya’ steers clear of the use of profanity. Reason being Madhuri Dixit, who plays the lead role in the film, wasn’t comfortable using foul language unlike Vidya Balan, who had no qualms spouting the choicest of cuss words in the original.
Apparently, Madhuri expressed her reservations to Chaubey, who agreed, also because he thought the actress’ character (a Begum) didn’t quite demand the use of offensive language as opposed to that played by Vidya in Ishqiya.
Dedh Ishqiya sees the return of Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi as the crooks they played in the original. The film has been shot against the backdrop of Lucknow city and Chaubey is busy working on its post-production. It now remains to be seen whether the makers’ decision to do away with the gaalis ensures a U/A rating for the film.


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