‘Eye to eye’ makes the world watch


Pakistani artist Taher Shah’s new song Eye to Eye has taken the Internet by storm. Dressed in an immaculate white suit, Taher’s piercing blue eyes and luscious curls have you transfixed as he sings his heart out about love being transferred from one soul to another all through eyes. As he sways from side to side, with the paparazzi snapping away, Taher sings about sensational eyes, emotional eyes, colourful eyes, fabulous eyes, his eyes, my eyes, your eyes and everybody’s eyes. The singer even has a special message for his fans about his song, “I wrote the lyrics with the vision to love one’s especially express and convey the feelings of one marvelous love to each other with “EYE TO EYE” because I sincerely believes in “EYES” true love and encourages it (sic),” posted Taher on Twitter. Call the video weird, the lyrics truly heart-warming, doesn’t matter. The Lyricist, Singer, Producer and Video Director of EYE TO EYE is rocking the current music scene. The song was originally released two months ago and has been airing on different music channels in Pakistan. However, the video has caught the attention of Twitterati in the last two days. [email protected] After watching taher shah. Ankhen coma mey chali gai thi for 15 minutes. Maut Ka Farishta: That is it. Eye to Eye by Taher Shah is now playing on repeat. To hell with the mid-term.