Who led Musharraf to the forbidden fruit?


As the noose around his neck tightens, the former military ruler Pervez Musharraf is said to be regretting his decision to return to Pakistan.

According to sources close to the former General, it was his aides in Karachi who assured Musharraf that he would be welcomed by thousands and escape any legal complications. Despite the advice of Rawalpindi colleagues to the contrary, Musharraf chose to heed his Karachi friends, and is paying dearly for it.

After announcing his decision to return, Musharraf was advised by a former spy chief based in UAE to reconsider his decision. Even after his arrival in Karachi, he was sent another friendly travel advisory by the GHQ: “Sir! Stay there instead of flying to Islamabad.” However the former dictator was too smug in his nostalgia for power to accept the possibility of a changed reality in which he had no special relevance to Pakistani politics anymore.

According to a close aide, the reason Musharraf trusted his friends in Karachi was because he had diverted a huge amount of funds to them during his tenure. He was simply expecting that the favour would now be returned. Yet every one of them, including an influential man whom Musharraf referred to as his “adopted son”, abandoned him as soon as he ran into trouble with the law.

The dictates of fate and the fickleness of power might be hard to digest for a man addicted to his sense of entitlement, yet it seems that time is a tough teacher, and the former dictator is in for the ride of a lifetime.


  1. Though he is in rough waters at the moment but the Good thing is that he has taken his decision by himself and who knows that he comes out of all the problems with flying colours. Those trying to take him to task were party to some dictator in the past. Only a fair and across the board trial will fetch any positive results. Despite offers to leave the country by "so many people", he decided to face the court. Isn't that a very strong point in his favour. Only time will tell, but he has proved that he he is better than many so called "LEADERS".

    • What with flying coclours ?he was the benfitor & trustee of MQM he came to Pakistan only with the assurance of MQM which flourished & was fully recognised by him during his illegal rule , If he would have suceeded in elections he would have joined MQM or made them his staunch supporters,since In COD signed in London all the political parties leaders Benazir,Nawaz Sharif,Fazalurehman ,Imran Khan were present & they declared MQM as Terroirst organisation & were not invited.since he also spoke that he is urdu speaking & both he & MQM think that all other in majority (Punjabis,Sindhis,Baluchs&Pakhtoon) can be befooled by him & urdu speaking minority MQM was toataly worng.It was Zardari who set aside COD agenda of late Benazir & made alliance with MQM f

  2. Hang those too who are products of Dictators.Only Bhutto was hanged.Nawaz Shrif could be next.And what about Chauderies of Gujrat? The difference between Musharraf and Nawaz is that the later abandoned his people ,Party and country to save his skin,which is not be very proud of.

  3. How about Iltaf has not abandoned his country He should be the first to be hanged along with Musharaf

  4. Pakistan is a country, where several simultaneous government agencies act independently . Of course CJP is one of them . Musharraf has to face him,Nawaz Sharif and a bag full of corrupt politicians . I hope and pray that the only sane authority amongst all this "The Army" which too has gotten corrupt may come to rescue Musharraf . Unfortunately , Even after 66 years Pakistan is not a country for urdu speaking immigrants . It should not have come into existense as a state.

    • If your ideas are correct, then try to find out the responsibles for the creation of Pakistan? Your forefathers. Were they stupid? I think not. Revisit your thoughts.

    • Dear Musharraf Lover! Become United in APML that we can arrange a huge protest to save our Leader…… 03005413240

  5. He had not realised that anyone in Pakistan will bother to bring him under trial for the atrocities he committed during his nine years reign. But the time has changed now. This is the time to pay back what he had done to others.
    If anything happens then someone must be there who did it. If the blame comes on him then what is the harm to face it and let him prove himself not guilty. Our problem is we are very quick to show pity to even perpetrators and on the other hand fast enough to scorn innocent ones.
    There must not be two options in this regards and only the due course of justice must be followed.

  6. The charges against Musharraf are ridicolous. The over active judiciary has a vandetta against him. What he did after 9/11 is what any sane and patriotic leader would have done. Musharraf had no choice but to join the coalition or else Pakistan would have been turned into rubble. having a nuclear bomb has done nothing for the safety and security of Pakistan. It may sound good to say that because we are a nuclear power we should have stood up to America but the reality is that America can destroy Pakistan in seconds, not minutes. Given the choice Musharraf chose to save Pakistan. Would any other leader do that? I think not.

  7. The problem in pakistan is the so called chief justice, until he is in his seat, no justice will be done for anyone. Pakistan was separated and high jacked…

  8. Musharraf did everything for Pakistan. he is patriot. wellwisher of the people of Pakistan, while Nawaz Sharif & Iftikhar Ch. r unmature dramabaaz personalities. they r going to take revenge from Musharraf but its a quality of a leader that he is facing all the troubles. We love Musharraf…

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