PML-N to try Musharraf for Nov 3 emergency, not coup of 1999


The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government decided to prosecute only General (r) Pervez Musharraf for his November 3, 2007 extra-constitutional actions. The top military brass has been taken into confidence on the subject.
Sources said that the government would not open the issue of 12 October, 1999 coup but would only focus on the November 3, 2007 unconstitutional action of General (r) Musharraf i.e. the issue that is also pending before the apex court.
It is believed that not only the Supreme Court’s decision of July 31, 2009 squarely held Musharraf responsible for his November 3 misadventure but the government had also not found anything concrete to conclude that others, whether in the government or in the military on that occasion (in 2007), had abetted the dictator in the abrogation of the Constitution.
The July 31 Supreme Court order had settled the issue by ruling: “The actions of General Pervez Musharraf dated 3rd November, 2007 were the result of his apprehensions regarding the decision of Wajihuddin Ahmed’s case and his resultant disqualification to contest the election of president. Therefore, it could not be said that the said actions were taken for the welfare of the people. Clearly, the same were taken by him in his own interest and for illegal and unlawful personal gain of maneuvering another term in office of president, therefore, the same were malafide as well. The statement made in Proclamation of Emergency that the situation had been reviewed in meetings with the Prime Minister, Governors of all the four Provinces, and with Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Chiefs of the Armed Forces, Vice Chief of Army Staff and Corps Commanders of the Pakistan Army, and emergency was proclaimed in pursuance of the deliberations and decisions of the said meetings, was incorrect. The Proclamation of Emergency emanated from his person, which was apparent from the words ‘I, General Pervez Musharraf…….’ used in it.”
There are several voices, including those representing General Musharraf, which are desirous of involving many, including former prime minister, his cabinet, services chiefs and even some judges in this case apparently to let the dictator go off the hook. There is a realisation in the government that many such voices want to create confusion and misunderstanding between different state institutions merely to save the skin of Musharraf, who has already been declared a usurper by the apex court for this Nov 3 action.
The government is also conscious of the fact that the trial of Musharraf in no manner should be interpreted as friction between the civil and military.To pre-empt any misunderstanding between the institutions, the sources said, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had also taken the top military leadership into confidence before unveiling his Monday’s extraordinary move to proceed against the dictator.


  1. very far sighted move. Set the precedence. Hang him and save Pakistan for at least 50 years from any external existential threat.

  2. This is the begining of a case. No lawyer would like to take unless he is a govt employee. On Oct 12 1999 Nawaz issued an illegal order to PIA to not allow the serving COAS to who was returning from an official visit to Srilanka, to land in Pakistan. This is the crime which was committed first and led to reaction from the Army whose Chief was being insulted for no reason.Army does not go on strike like the lawyers.Remember that.

  3. If the coup of 1999 against Nawaz was ok how can the state of emergency declared by the same person not ok. Does not make sense at all. Both were doctrine of necessity. As usual the real problems of Pakistan are being relegated to the background while Qasuri and ever green Atiz Ahasan steal the show.

  4. This judicial terrorism against a true patriot needs to stop.
    The corrupt system is blaming Musharraf on baseless things,which
    hold absolutely no truth or strength

  5. Musharraf is a true patriot. A die-hard Pakistan lover. He was the best thing that happened to Pakistan after a long long time. The present media frenzy against him is not the true picture of what the public feels for him. He was handicapped from the moment he landed at Karachi and not permitted to reach the public and the masses. The judicial mafia not only kept him from the elections, they have so far played a Tag Team event with him. It is truely a National loss, It is Pakistan's loss for he is the man who actually can steer this ship out of this hopeless situation that Pakistan faces. The recent IHC ruling that he had nothing to do with the judges detention takes 50% of the case away. The remaining half is for the world to see and judge if one takes the time to read the actual wordings of the declaration of emergency in Nov 2007. Each and every paragraph stands true and valid even today. But we have been blinded by our media and their foreign handlers. God Save Us.

  6. Ya [Cobrajock] you are right. I know how warmly he was welcomed at Karachi Airport by a crowd of over a million people!

  7. Finally a saner decision by NS government. Oct.99 action was, in my opinion (and I am not a lawyer) difficult to prove against him. It appears to be the result of so many "other" people involved in that action while the consequences of Nov. 3 action he will face alone or a few others.

  8. MQM have always been with Musharraf but whats with PTI? PTI supported Musharraf in 2002, then PTI was at war with Musharraf afterwards and blamed the ills of drones on Musharraf and lawyers detention. Now they are again siding with Musharraf. Make up your mind? PTI is a politically lost party. Anyone in the party can come out and say whatever he wants to. Some want to release a killer, some want co-eds shut down in certain areas, some say Nawaz is their leader and will always remain. Where is the party discipline?

  9. Musharraf, a true patriot, was forced to overthrow a corrupt ganja govt when nawaz risked the lives of almost 300 people when he ordered to not allow the plane to land as it was running out of fuel. The judges (including the kana) validated his coup. Nawaz does not want to bring up 1999 coup because it implicates all the pco judges and other higer military and civilian "leaders". nawaz needs the kana judge to provide shelter to his corruption. kiayani, at the cost of keeping his job, has totally detroyed army. To day even a group of boy scouts feel that they can take on the army and win. Musharraf was/is the last hope for Pakistan. Imran may have good intentions but he lacks the refinement and experience of a true leader. Killing Musharraf would be killing any hope for Pakistan. Unlike nawaz. atelast he is staying and fighting. nawaz tucked his tail between his legs and ran out of Pakistan.

  10. Why have you conveniently forgotten the fact that Musharraf was simultaneously holding five offices in Pakistan: 1. Chief Executive 2. Army Chief 3. Chairman Joint Services 4. Head of State 5. Chief Martial Law Administrator?
    Pervez Musharraf holds another unique record for administering Four Prime Ministers (Jamali, Shujat, Shaukat Aziz, Gillani) in Pakistan.
    He patronized various political parties (MMA, PMLQ and then NRO with PPP) and then ditched them whenever his objective was fulfilled.
    Musharraf, being untrustworthy man, even ditched his coup accomplices including General Mahmood and General Aziz.
    He used to show his punch on stage and, in his arrogance, had confessed on TV that “I have proclaimed emergency” on the night of 3rd November 2007.
    It is the time for Musharraf to reap the fruit of his arrogance.

  11. He is true jawwan he is crime stopper. Pakistani awam should stand behind him. BB to nawaz all of them r corrupt. PPP and PML(N) came 3 times each in power but only their family and friends got benifited not the awwam.

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