Bomb targeting SHC judge kills nine


At least nine people were killed and 15 injured on Wednesday when an explosion occurred near Karachi’s Burns Road area, targeting the convoy of Sindh High Court judge Justice Maqbool Baqar.

Spokesperson for the banned Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Ehsanullah Ehsan, told local media that the militant organisation was responsible for the attack on the senior SHC judge.

Ehsan further said that the judge was targeted for what he said were “anti-Taliban and anti-mujahideen decisions” adding that the group would continue to target judiciary.

The attack happened as Justice Maqbool Baqir drove past with his security detail in Burns Road.

Police said Baqir was rushed to a nearby hospital with critical injuries and that his driver was killed.

Justice Baqir was later shifted to a private hospital where he will undergo surgery, according to doctors, who added that the the High Court judge was in stable condition.

The doctors, not wanting to be named, told reporters that Baqir had sustained injuries to his head as he was hit by ball bearings and glass shards in the explosion.

The deceased included seven policemen, one paramilitary Ranger and Baqir’s driver.

Police and Rangers personnel and rescue team workers reached the site of the incident. Security personnel cordoned off the area as investigations into the incident went underway.

The bomb also damaged a motorcycle and a police mobile van.

The casualties were subsequently shifted to Civil Hospital.

Meanwhile, lawyers have announced boycott of court proceedings across Sindh in the wake of the incident.



  1. Judges should also taste terrorism, as they are one of the major reson of terrosism control failure in Pak.

  2. Agencies do work in Pakistan and such actions are live examples of their work to harass the working class of Pakistan.

  3. There is a sharp rise in the incidents of terrorism soon after the transfer of power to the new govt. One of the reason is that the Terrorists especially of TTP were confident of a tacit support of their cause from PMLN and PTI. Now they have gone overboard as their supporters are the govt in Pakistan.

  4. It is no surprise that TTP are behind this act of terror. Their long list of crimes exposes their evil objectives against the people of the region. Unfortunately, there are those who choose to side with conspiracy theories and let these repeat offenders off the hook. It is times like these when we should remind ourselves who threatens the safety of the region. It is times like these when conspiracy theorists need to separate facts from fiction. Our forces continue to make sacrifices for the safety of the region. We send our heartfelt condolences to the friends and families of those who died in this act of terror. We will not let these cowardly acts of terror deter us from achieving our peace objectives in the region. We will continue to work together and counter terrorism through shared assistance.

    Ali Khan

  5. If PML-N had co-operated during 2008-13 in the fight against terrorism, we could have sorted out this problem to a great extent by now. It was unfortunate that PML-N and some other parties flirted with terrorists for petty gains. Now, they have to face the music.

  6. This act of terrorism is deplorable and should be condmned in the hardest possible words. At the same times, I would dare saying that its the higher judiciary who sets free these terrorist, some of them very well known.

  7. pakistan rating no1 in terrorism. in future iraq or ashamed of being a pakistani

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