Musharraf vows to ‘take down facilitators, abettors’ if tried for treason





With Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif fine-tuning the legal battle against his archrival and former dictator General (r) Pervez Musharraf, the legal team of the former army chief is also busy formulating their strategy to contest the cases against the former COAS in courts.

Well-placed sources told Pakistan Today that the PM held a detailed meeting with Attorney General Munir A Malik at the PM’s office. Malik also has a personal vendetta against Musharraf, as the AG’s Karachi residence was attacked during lawyers’ movement by gunmen in year 2007 and bullets were fired at his house in his absence.

Only some two kilometers away from Prime Minister’s Office, Musharraf’s legal team met to discuss the future strategy. Musharraf’s chief lawyer, Ahmed Raza Kasuri, met the general at his farmhouse hours before the meeting.

Kasuri told Pakistan Today that Musharraf’s team was working on a strategy to take down all abettors and facilitators along if Musharraf sank.

“Musharraf thinks that the incumbent chief justice has influence over the fellow judges and he is misusing his influence against him. The biased CJP is going to retire in December and with his retirement, his period of witch-hunt would also be over and the new CJP would act to deliver justice,” he added.

Kasuri added that Musharraf’s legal team was working to include all judges, generals and politicians who had indemnified the military intervention of 1999.

“If Musharraf is going to be held accountable, he has to be accountable for 1999 coup. In such a situation, all corps commanders, army top brass, judges of Supreme Court and top politicians who had indemnified the coup would also be tried,” he added.

He did not argue the opinion of some analysts that the judiciary and parliament had indemnified the 1999 coup.

“Rather, parliament in 18th Amendment had done away with the indemnification to 1999 coup,” he said, adding that Article 270(AA) had taken off the umbrella of protection to 1999 coup.

“The 17th Amendment and also the law of necessity in Zafar Ali Shah case had been withdrawn in the 18th Amendment. So now if Musharraf is to be prosecuted for 2007 emergency, the court would have to look into the 1999 coup d’état. And all judges, corps commanders, chairman joint chiefs of staff committee (JCSC), all political parties’ heads would have to be prosecuted along with Musharraf,” Kasuri added.

The senior lawyer said he had visited Musharraf and found him in high spirits and confidence.

” Musharraf is a brave man. Soon after the hearing of the case (of high treason) in Supreme Court, I had a 90-minute meeting with him on Monday. He was full of confidence. He has fought three wars with Indians and faced most difficult situations in life. He thinks that he would get justice from the superior judiciary,” said Kasuri.

Asked whether Musharraf thought top judges were biased against him, Kasuri said Musharraf was positive and he believed the judges of the Supreme Court were not biased.

Talking about the challan filed by the FIA against General Musharraf, Kasuri said the police challan in Benazir Bhutto case was a mere “working paper” and nothing else.

“In terms of law, a challan is a version of the police and nothing else and such challans have no worth in view of law. This is a house of cards raised by police which would fall down when cross examination starts. It’s a long procedure and may take years to establish anything against the ousted general,” he added.

Kasuri said actions against Musharraf were fast making the general a hero. “You know in the subcontinent, the people love those who are subjected to witch-hunts and politics of vengeance. Nawaz is trying to divert public anger from his government’s failed budget,” he added.

APML secretary information Aasia Ishaque also looked positive.

“This is a failed attempt on part of Nawaz to shift the people’s focus from the budget debacle by his party. But let me tell you, the people cannot be deceived anymore. They know they are being taxed many a times by the PML-N government,” Aasia said.


  1. The outcome of this whole exercise to prosecute Parvez Musharaff will be a big zero. The Nawaz government , should focus ion the welfare of the people and not on witch-hunting. Nawaz is a great and magnanimous politician. He will find a way to come out of this avoidable conflict.

  2. Right now, NS is shifting the attention of people from budget towards Musharraf. This is sad and not in line with people's mandate.

  3. Nawaz is a low life scum bag who rose to power because he offered his wife to the ruling Generals at the time. His daughter did the same thing while he was the PM. This immoral family should be handed over to Talibans.

    • I don't like Nawaz or any other politican in Pakistan for that matter but to attack the wife and daughter is going too far.Were you there when he was doing the offering????? what were you doing there ??????? You yourself don't sound much better then a low life.How would you like it if we started a rumor about your wife and daughter? Don't cross the line,make your point and shut the f… up.

      • Desi – you really deserve 100 pct appreciation of mine. The way you have made him understand it seems that you have a good family back ground and educational as well. I liked very much your way of saying to somebody who can learn a lot from the people like you.

  4. .
    "In the line of backfire", blackmail by 'guilt association' is quite understandable …

  5. Pakistan is a country,where several simultaneous government agencies act independently . Of course CJP is one of them . Musharraf has to face him,Nawaz Sharif and a bag full of corrupt politicians . I hope and pray that the only sane authority amongst all this "The Army" which too has gotten corrupt may come to rescue Musharraf . Unfortunately , Even after 66 years Pakistan is not a country for urdu speaking immigrants . It should not have come into existense as a state.

  6. Pakistan is a great gift of Allah to the Muslims of the world. Any Muslim can come and live here. Please dont accuse any specific community for the creation of Pakistan. Our goal is to make make Pakistan country free from traitors, thieves and corrupt politicians.
    All I know is that Army is people are disciplined and definitely have character and can be trusted. Politicians are corrupt and traitors. Ask swiss authorities how many US$Billions these politians have in Swiss Banks and you voted the same politicians to power. Remember india is an enemy who had cut one of our arm and Nawaz is hell bent on kissing them and having business and warm relations.

  7. Kasuri always talk less sense. It is the prerogative of the Govt and the court who will be tried and in what manner. The SC has to just decide whether Musharaff be tried for treason charge or not or in what way. the rest is the job of trial court. Let the law take its own course. Let Mr. Kasuri enrich himself at the expense of his leader Mush.

  8. Begining Of The End Of Nawaz Sharif, I Am Soo Happy PMLN Has Done This & Destroyed Their Image Bigger n Better…

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