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Legal experts advise caution on Article 6

Commenting on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s announcement to try former president Pervez Musharraf under Article 6, eminent lawyer Dr Farogh Nasim on Monday said no pick and choose policy should be adopted by the government and its actions should remain transparent.

“If the government wants to invoke Article 6 of the constitution, it should be invoked across the board against all dictators, their facilitators and abettors since 1958 to date,” he said.

“The high treason Act 1973 clearly states that all dictators and their abettors should be tried under high treason act since 1958. So no pick and choose policy should be applied,” he asserted.

He said since the government and judiciary had taken a high moral ground, they should make the process transparent.

“There are politicians, military officers and judges alive who aided or abetted dictators in martial laws since 1958. All of them should be tried,” he said, adding that mere witch-hunt would not serve the purpose.

Justice (r) Tariq Mehmood told Pakistan Today that the government would have to file a complaint under 1976 Act to invoke Article 6 of the constitution against General (r) Musharraf.

A leading figure of the lawyers’ movement, Justice Tariq said he was disappointed over the government’s announcement (to invoke article 6) against Musharraf.

“I think that this decision should not have been taken in haste,” he said and added that he was disappointed to see such a hasty decision.

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  1. Rev.Dr.Dominic Javed said:

    Dear countrymen and friends, It is very interesting that there is only one person 'PERVAIZ MUSHARAF ' who falls in this article, if we have to obey this rule why not all those falls in this Article. Let start with all persons,including PM and all related persons.

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