Transporter’s strike irks citizens


The public transporters continued their strike for the second day against the ban on more than one cylinder in their vehicles in twin cities, leaving commuters with no choice but to hire taxis at exorbitant fares.

Absence of public transport multiplied the miseries of the commuters due to strike, while taxis drivers exploiting the situation charged according to their own will by taking advantage of the strike.
A citizen Akhtar Zaman said that due to the absence of public transport, he had no choice but to hire a taxi who charged Rs 300 from Shamsabad to Zero Point.
The strike impaired life in the twin cities, making it difficult for citizens to reach offices and homes. People, especially office-goers, were seen waiting at bus stops, as the public transport vehicles went off the road.
The commuters complained that the public transport vehicles, especially vans lift passengers only up to a particular destination instead of completing their routes.
Similarly, the transporters were fleecing the passengers, as they had to change different vehicles and pay more than double fare to reach their destination.
A large number of people coming from outside of the city use public transport to reach their destinations. The people have expressed their concern over the unlawful strike of the transporters whose fares have already been increased many times to the satisfaction of the transporters.
The people of twin cities have expressed pleasure over an announcement of the launch of the Metro Bus service between Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Rab Nawaz, a senior citizen, termed it ‘a good news’ and said that Metro Bus service in twin cities would facilitate the citizens and reduce their miseries.