Producer throws acid on Pashto actress for refusing to marry him


Pashto actress Shazia Aziz on Saturday suffered critical burns after a producer named Shaukat threw acid on her in Nowshera.

According to sources, Shazia was at home when Shaukat forced his way in around 3 am and asked her to marry him. On Shazia’s refusal, Shaukat threw acid on her and escaped leaving the empty can behind.

Shazia was immediately taken to Lady Reading Hospital for an intensive care treatment. However, she was later shifted to another hospital.

Apparently, Shazia’s mother and brother also got minor injuries, while trying to protect her, sources added.


  1. rest assured, jahalat prevails even in the educated class. U perhaps have no idea about the vulgarity of pashto actresses..SO Y HAVE A BURQA PIC?

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