PU’s Baloch coming back?


An emergent meeting of Punjab University (PU) Academic Staff Association (ASA) was held in which the body showed grave concern over the expected reinstatement of Dr Iftikhar Hussain Baloch by the Punjab governor.

The meeting learnt that the Punjab governor was going to reinstate Dr Iftikhar Hussain Baloch who was terminated by PU Syndicate on account of his involvement in sexual harassment of his female student and subordinate female employee.

The ASA body brought to the governor’s notice that Baloch had to face several inquiries on the aforesaid charges and was found guilty, due to which he was dismissed by the Syndicate. It was further explained that the teacher dismissed by the Syndicate after due process could only be reinstated by the said body.

Furthermore, the ASA decided unanimously in the meeting that any such effort of reinstatement of Baloch will cause irreparable loss to the reputation of the teaching community of the prestigious institution. The ASA requested the chief minister to take a serious notice and stop the governor for the reinstatement of such person who had been dismissed on account of serious charges.