Woman killed as Indian troops open unprovoked firing on LoC


A Pakistani woman was killed and four people were injured when Indian troops resorted to unprovoked small arms and artillery firing at the Line of Control in Battal and Neza Pir sectors on Wednesday.

Earlier, a Pakistani woman was injured when Indian troops fired across the disputed border in the Himalayan region of Kashmir.

The incident took place in the Karela area, near Kotli town, along the LoC.

This is second time in the last 24 hours that India violated ceasefire at the LoC.


  1. Government should strongly retract to Indian terrorism.India along with other anti Pakistan states are doing terrorism in Pakistan both internally and externally on borders as well.New government should not compromise on sovereignty and citizens protection.

  2. And also exposed Indian and other anti Pakistan states terrorism in Balochistan as well in whole country.Indians are also dual standard one side they want good relations with Pakistan while on side destabilizing Pakistan.Fact of Indian " Baghlal Mein Chury Mou Mein Ram Ram".

  3. I dont understand.. all Indian newspapers reporting that pakistani vilated ceasefilre as cover for terrorists. and Pakistani media claiming unprovoked India firing. I dont know what to believe. I am an Indian btw and as all my countrymen I understand that "destabilizing Pakistan" is counter productive for our own development.

    • India will fire on its own? Hahahahaha
      The LOC is a treacherous place. One shot fired by anyone will seem like it has been fired from the other side. This is especially true in the mountains. And who shoots first is anyway a chicken or egg argument. Btw I also want a stable Pakistan on our border.

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