I’m blessed with an expressive face: Sonakshi


Sonakshi Sinha is in two minds if she likes being labelled a lucky mascot. “It’s a tag that has been given to me by the media and it’s temporary,” she says, adding, “Luckily however, my efforts have not been undermined. Also, at the end of the day, I don’t think being called a lucky mascot is a negative thing. No one is saying, ‘Sona can’t act,’ are they?”
She may have a point there. But she is also making heads turn with her subtle ’50s look in her upcoming film Lootera, which the 26-year-old credits to the film’s research unit headed by director Vikramaditya Motwane. “A lot of research has gone into the film, not just the yesteryear look but the entire set, locations, costumes – attention was paid to the smallest detail,” she says. A lot work has also been put into her expressions, she says.
“There are several scenes in Lootera, especially romantic ones, where a lot had to be said through my eyes,” says the actress, who proudly credits her good genes for what she says is the blessing of an ‘expressive face’.
Sonakshi claims there were enough and more people who tried to dissuade her from taking up the role in which she plays a Bengal zamindar’s daughter deeply in love with a man who has his secrets.
“Usually when I read a script, I imagine someone else playing the character, but not in this one,” says the actress. “When Vikramaditya narrated the story to me, I could only imagine myself playing Pakhi (the female lead). I fell in love with the character and when more and more people started doubting my decision, I took it as a challenge, ab toh karke rahungi.”