PML-N MPA slaps bus hostess, presses charges


A Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) MPA on Sunday registered a case against a bus hostess following a quarrel with her on Motorway II at Bhera Terminal.

The Bhera Police, in an attempt to appease the ruling party’s woman legislator, quickly registered a case against the hostess who was also allegedly beaten up by MPA Nighat Sheikh of Garhi Shahu.

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif directed the IGP to conduct an impartial inquiry into the incident. On the instructions of the chief minister, the case against the bus hostess had been discharged and the police had been directed to submit a report after conducting investigation on merit, said a handout.

Sargodha Regional Police Officer Muhammad Tahir said that a passenger bus of a local company was on its way from Murree to Lahore when Nighat Sheikh, who was travelling along with her family, asked the hostess for water. He said both of them started quarreling following which the passenger informed the police and submitted an application seeking case under Section 506 of PPC.

He said the police recorded statements of other passengers and were still investigating the matter. He was not clear if a case had been registered against the hostess.

A police source said the case was lodged against Iqra Nawaz under the same section by the police and she was kept under the police custody for some time.

A source in the National Highways and Motorways Police said that the MPA rang up the Sargodha DPO following quarrel and the police rushed to the spot. He said the women first exchanged a word on board the bus after the MPA complained that the hostess did not timely provide water, and later at the terminal.

Quoting some passengers, the source said the MPA slapped the hostess in the washroom of the terminal. The source said the police took both of them to the police station after mediation efforts by the Motorway police bore no fruit.


  1. experience logon ko vote do do ge to ye he hall ho ga na kabi police se lathi charge karwaein ge r kabi ap ko khud marien ge .Agar ye MPA na hoti to is ke jurat na hoti hath uthane ke.foren action lea jae r is female par forever ke lea pabandi lagae jae.kun ke is ko to female ke defah ke lea assembly mein behja gea he r is ne aik female par he tashdad start kar dea.wah g wah

  2. So if the hostess brings the water late, it is a police issue…?? shame on this MPA. she should be made to resign

  3. yr tm sb log is waqt kam se kam ministry of law aur bohat si jagah human rights bsko mails to kr skty ho kr do aj ……… baki Allah malik

  4. >>Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif directed the IGP to conduct an impartial inquiry into the incident.

    Prime Minister Nawaz, "Bhai jazbati hai josh mae aa k keh jata hai" So, there is no need to hold an inquiry.

  5. Hate the mentality of “Don’t you know who you are talking to” and hate those who think they are better than others and never miss a chance to treats others with hatred and cruelty. This women made her place among the long list of typical arrogant, egotistical figures exists in our political, bureaucratic, and lawless society. Looks like she is under the influence of power!!!

  6. what do you expect from the janglee PML N women…such a pity when the party is trying so hard to improve on its image. Nawazoo should KICK her butt out of the party and MPAship

  7. Mr. CM can any inquiry be impartial when the guilty is still holding office? We talk a lot about democracy but never follow the principles. The MPA MUST be asked to resign and the police officers who registered fake case MUST be suspended BEFORE start of any inquiry. That is the least justice you can do.

  8. behter hota bus hostess be response may mpa ko thaper mar daitee.may hota to aisa he kerta.

  9. this shows our mentality level,

    if the hostess supplied water late mpa should be cool as mpa was not presenting herself a singular rather she dishonour all voters who vote her for being elected.

    we have become educated but our instinct is still 2000 years old.


  10. MPA Nighat Sheikh took an oath and is unable to keep promise to fulfill a pledge. Therefore,the honour is lost

  11. you never become sensible without education, when some become leader he should think that he or she is servent of people. so servent should bear the people nor people swallow the bitter medicine.

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