Nisar pushes for new security policy


Federal Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar on Monday announced that a joint investigation team had been formulated comprising officials from various spy agencies to investigate the incidents of terrorism in Ziarat Residency, women university bus bombing and Bolan Medical Center terrorism. Furthermore, the minister said that a new security paradigm would be announced soon.

Elaborating further, he mentioned that the new security protocol would include provincial governments‚ political parties and security institutions.

Some basic security policy outlines, he said, would be given in the new plan to curb repetition terrorist attacks.

The minister said that the new security plan would be presented before members of the federal cabinet as well as the Parliament seeking improvement, if required.

Furthermore, Khan said that a standard operating procedure had been prepared to safeguard national monuments in the country.

He said the provincial governments would be responsible for improving and beefing up the security arrangements at the national monuments and federal government would also fully support in this regard.

Nisar said that law and order was completely a provincial issue for which the provinces were responsible. However, he said that the federal government was ready to support them following requisition if needed.

The minister maintained that the federal government was fulfilling its responsibility of intelligence sharing where needed and would share any such information with the provinces.

The interior minister also announced the gallantry award for the deputy commissioner who was killed in the attack on Bolan Medical Complex.

On terrorist strikes in Balochistan, the federal interior minister said that a joint investigation team had been formed which was now investigating the incidents of violence in the province.

The minister added that two security guards posted at the Ziarat residency had been taken in for questioning.

He questioned as to why guards had failed to inform the police upon hearing suspicious noises indicating that an attack was taking place.

The minister said that a high-level meeting has been convened on June 20 and a security policy would be announced on the very next day. He assured the House that Jinnah’s residency would be renovated within three to four months.


  1. According to him they provide best and strict security in balochistan and intelligence agencies, but who have to threat and damage the people can do it in a great manner under their nose and then innocents dead bodies lying out there on the roads, what can we expect from our leaders?

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