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White Lies

He’s not the Nawaz Sharif of yore, the new prime minister wants you to believe. No sir. In fact, here’s an e-mail address, a personal e-mail address, one that he checks every day. Want to reach him? Shoot him a mail. Our man is quite “with it” now.
Alas, many have attempted a changed avatar. ‘Tis but the honeymoon period. When the burdens of governance place themselves firmly on his shoulders, Atlas won’t have time to shrug them, what to speak of catching up on e-mail correspondence.

The PIA’s Lahore-Islamabad-Lahore flights, earlier spaced out loosely, have increased in numbers ever since the PML-N government took over. And for good reason, too. After all, three capitals (the federal, the Punjab and KP) are in Lahore right now.
And – the mind makes connections, sue us – the menu on these flights, ever since the League took over, has improved over the paltry bag of crisps passengers were served earlier.

The former boss of the PBC, who was made to leave his post only recently, is absent in body but not in spirit. The organization wants him back. No, not to take over again but to return the state’s radio broadcaster the facilities (car, computers, air conditioners, the works) he took, which amount to around Rs5.3 million.
After that, of course, he can do whatever he wants.

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