Two more peacocks die, toll mounts to 47


Wildlife department’s tall claims of solid steps against the fatal birds’ disease Newcastle, locally known as ‘Ranikhet,’ appear baseless as two more peacocks died on Saturday, bringing the toll to 47.
All 47 peacocks died of the disease in the past eight days.
Local sources said the wildlife department had taken no step against the contagious disease due to which deaths of precious peacocks continues.
They said dozens of other peacocks were also infected with the disease and it was feared the death toll would rise in the next few days.
The local population expressed deep concerns and anguish against the concerned department for paying no heed towards the issue.
The disease-inflicted birds had stopped drinking water a few days ago. The department confirmed the death of eight peacocks and claimed that besides vaccination, other steps were also being taken to bring the disease under control.
Peacocks are a unique trademark of Tharparkar, where visitors often travel from various cities to see the beautiful birds wandering out in the open.