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Quaid’s residency in Ziarat destroyed in bomb attack

Militants attacked the Quaid-e-Azam residency in Ziarat with hand grenades in the wee hours of Saturday, destroying the historical monument where the founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah spent his last days.

A police man outside the Quaid’s residency was also killed in the attack.

A police official, who requested anonymity since he was not authorised to speak to the media, told local media that four militants on two motorcycles entered the residency and hurled hand held bombs.

“All old memorials inside the residency have been destroyed,” he said.

He said memorial chairs, beds, and historic photographs of the founder were burnt to the ground in the resulting fire.

Another police official, requesting anonymity, said the wood structure of the residence had been burnt down, however, the exterior concrete structure was still intact.

Bomb disposal squad also claimed to have defused six more bombs planted inside the residency.

Police said the militants escaped unhurt from the spot.

Frontier Corps and police reached the residency and started investigation into the incident.

The founding father of the country, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, had spent last days of his life in Ziarat at the historic wooden structure.

Ziarat is considered a tourist point in insurgency-hit Balochistan province. A large number of tourists visit the town and the memorials of the Quaid every summer.

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  1. Kaka said:

    Increase more budget of Defense and …. add more army dictators in our history of Pakistan…… This army always capture our area and people…. DHA, Askari Housing, Banks, fertilizers etc is the trade mark of this army…. Make another NRO…transfer power to them…. Shame for whole Pakistani Nation….those who don't defend their history and pride, have no right to live as a nation…

    • Babai said:

      Idiot what has Army to do with this?Have you forgotten there is democracy flourishing with a full time Minister of Interior ,never mind if he wears a toupee, and a 'very populer' Prime Minister you elected recently?

      • Kaka said:

        Where are agencies, law enforcement Agencies…..Have u seen police or forces on Roads in Developed countries?……They always develop the system..not grab powers……Do you think agencies remain silent in election…..?

        • Waqas said:

          O Kaka…Hum sab hi besharam hain…fouj ya politician koi amrica se tou nai aaye yaar. We r pathetic. God bless us as he has always. And we are sorry Mr Quaid, we r highly ashamed at this immoral act.

  2. shame said:

    Shameful for all Pakistani nation. Bolch militants which are in control of Pakistan,s enemies may be involved but most shameful is police,s performance which is poor due to corruption and poor training to handle critical situation.How can militants enters and do free style killings explosions but no of law and order and most worst thing is always militants are escaped without any harm and cannot be traced.If Pakistan,s founder history places and items are not safe how can Pakistan safe.It gives bad impression to world.

  3. Fahad Khan said:

    No problem. We should build it again like the old building with as much similarity as we can.

    Pakistan Zindabad!

  4. a sad pkistani said:

    all quaid's belongings have been destroyed……….its not about constructing the building again……….how can anyone construct that history again ever????????

  5. khalid said:

    well we could not respect the man and his norms …we deserve it ..we aint a nation ..never were …. just a band of warlords followed by others

  6. Pakistani said:

    Which two countries voted for separation of Baluchistan at th UN? USA and Britain. Stop blaming others and do not lie to us.Electronic Media is the one that do what Khan has commented above.

  7. Pakistani said:

    Appease the militants and this is what happens. Mr Nawaz now what do you say? Also why is Imran Khan quite now.

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