Capital crime watch: 32 arrested, drugs, weapons seized


The Police on Saturday arrested 32 offenders including 13 gamblers and two alcoholics, seizing 2835 grammes of charras, 45 bottles of liquor, 18 30-bore pistols with 25 rounds, one rifle and one dagger.

According to a police spokesman, the Rattaamral Police held Badar and recovered 1150 grammes of charras from him, while the Taxila Police arrested Saeed for and Noor Muhammad for 1050 and 520 grammes of charras respectively.

Further, the Gungmandi Police caught Shabir with 15 liquor bottles and the Rattaamral Police booked Waheed for five liquor bottles, while Liaquat was arrested for 14 liquor bottles.

Moreover, the City Police apprehended Ali for drunk driving, and Gujar Khan Police arrested Abdul Waqar for the same.

Other accused were held for illegal weapons possession.

The Rattaamral Police raided Hazara Colony on a tip off and arrested 13 gamblers namely Saeed, Zeeshan, Fayyaz, Khurram, Ziarat, Riaz, Javed, Aziz, Bilal, Dad Muhammad Zar Wali, Arslan and Shehzad, recovering Rs 15710 of stake money and 11 mobile phones.

A special anti gambling operation has been launched on the Chief Police Officer (CPO)’s orders.