PML-N mulling raising govt employees’ salaries after outcry


Amid strong criticism by opposition parties and government employees for not increasing their salaries in proposed budget 2013-14, the newly-elected government is mulling to revise its decision, it has been learnt.

Sources in the PML-N said the party leadership wanted to raise the salaries of all government employees. They said the increment could be up to 10 percent of the basic pay.

Government employees have been protesting for a raise in their salaries following the announcement of the proposed federal budget.

The sources said after sensing massive countrywide protests by government employees, which could be hijacked by the opposition parties, the government was mulling giving a 10 percent raise.

Announcing the budget, the PML-N took the plea that under the current economic situation of the country, it could not raise the salaries.

But at the same time, it imposed additional one percent general sales tax (GST), following which the prices of petroleum products, CNG, electricity, natural gas and other consumer items went up, directly affecting the people’s budget.

On the other hand, the PPP during its five year tenure gave maximum increase in salaries. In first three years, the PPP gave over 100 percent increase and during the last two years it gave 50 percent increment.

To review the issue, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Thursday formed a committee comprising of officials of the Establishment, Cabinet and Finance divisions. It is tasked with furnishing its recommendations after examining current salaries of government employees.

Opposition parties including the PPP, the PTI and the MQM are in favour of increment in the salaries of government employees. There leaders were of the view that salaries of all government employees should have been increased in the proposed budget.

Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Khurshid Shah told reporters that around 8,000,000 families were waiting for annual traditional raise in their salaries, but the PML-N not only disappointed them, but also raised the GST, which would lead to inflation.


  1. sorry for Pmln voters !!
    in my area majority voted for imran khan, i know many of them, but from here Pmln wins, they are defaulters and incapable.

  2. is ganjay ko dubara vote punjabio ne diya ju ab pachtaenge,ye apni industry ko taraki dega.isko kia koi bhhok se mary ya jeay.

  3. This whole system is for the RICH only, the POOR will always suffer badly over and over and over again. Uproot this whole system, be with Tahir ul Qadri. What he said, what he is saying is all correct.

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