A leader in the making


I had the opportunity of watching Mariam Nawaz Sharif on a talk show telecast on PTV world on May 31, 2013. It was indeed a great pleasure watching her express her views on wide-ranging national issues, including politics. The confidence with which she spoke, and the alacrity and aptness with which she responded to all the questions that were raised by the lady anchor, was truly commendable. I must admit, her thoughts and views vis-à-vis all the issues discussed during the hour-long interview were vividly clear and logical to the core. She deserves to play a crucial role in the country’s politics and serve this nation with sincerity and dedication; two very important qualities that she profoundly possesses and demonstrates. My prayers and sincere best wishes will always be with her.


  1. Its really a good thing to see a change in Pakistan and I share same views for Maryum Nawaz.She has not only surpassed some previous women leaders in beauty but in maturity, views and as of now working too.
    Now we only wish that relations with India improve and both these nations share progress and prosperity and prove in front of the so called superpowers that they cannot be further divided or made to fight now. Maryumji wish you all the best.

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