Pervez Rashid says govt prioritizing energy crisis, law and order


Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervez Rashid said Thursday that the top most priorities of the government were to resolve the energy crisis and improve the country’s law and order situation.

Speaking to media representatives in Islamabad, Rashid said the government would ensure financial discipline to achieve self-reliance.

The minister described the financial budget for the next fiscal year as pro-poor and people-friendly.

Over the non-raise in the salaries of government employees, the information minister said 90 per cent of government employees worked in the provinces.

When his attention was drawn towards the PML-N’s manifesto envisaging minimum wage of Rs 15,000 for labourers, the minister clarified that the manifesto speaks of gradual increase in the minimum wage.

The minister said the government had inherited an empty exchequer, adding that credit goes to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar who had ensured that employees working for the government continue to get salaries on time.

To a question, Rashid said the government had cut its expenditures and these resources would be utilised to address the energy crisis.

Responding to another question, he said incentives had been announced for the youth, the homeless, women, the unemployed as well as for investors.

Rashid said taxes had been imposed on the wealthy class while burden had been reduced on low income groups.

To a question, he said proposals had been announced to end load-shedding in the country.

“The government will pay Rs 500 billion circular debt to power generation companies within 60 days to reduce load-shedding,” the minister said.