Doctors clear Imran Khan to travel to Islamabad


Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf chief Imran Khan has been given a go-ahead by his doctors to travel to Islamabad to take oath as a member of the National Assembly.

Khan was injured during a campaign rally in Lahore, three days ahead of the May 11 elections.

According to the PTI’s media cell, Khan’s recent tests have shown encouraging signs and doctors have given him a go-ahead to travel to Islamabad.

He was examined for about an hour on Thursday by a group of doctors headed by neurosurgeon Dr Kamran.

The doctors took some tests, including an x-ray of the PTI chief’s backbone and a fitness test, and declared Khan fit, allowing him to travel to Islamabad.

After getting the medical fitness certificate, Khan immediately decided to travel to his residence in Bani Gala and to subsequently take oath as an MNA at the next session of the National Assembly.

Khan could not take oath due to his injury and has remained in Shaukat Khanam Memorial Hospital in Lahore for the past few weeks.

His party fared well in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province where the PTI’s government has now been installed.


  1. Way to go IK, I wish you best of luck with your health and success in KPK.

    May ALLAH help you overcome the challenges i.e. drones, Taliban, suicide bombers, corruption, law and order, peace in country and make you a strong in opposition.

    All the prayers are with you, and we all your true supporters are united and given you full support.

  2. God bless you Imran Khan your members are looking forward to see you fully in action You are the only leader who can get the country out of troubles I wish you best of your health and do love to see you back Keep it up.

  3. Sir we are really really glad to see you in good health and want you to know that you.are a part of every prayer of our family….we really want to see what naya Pakistan is like….May GOD give you all the success in the world…Amen.

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