Motorways IG removed over congratulatory ad


The government on Wednesday removed Motorways inspector general (IG) for issuing congratulatory advertisements on state expenses.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has already barred ministries and autonomous bodies from issuing such advertisements.

A few days ago, the government had issued show-case notices to National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) president and Motorway IG Zafar Abbas over congratulatory advertisements on Nawaz Sharif’s election as prime minister.

However, on Wednesday, Nawaz formally removed Abbas from his office and ordered him to report the Establishment Division.

Furthermore, Nawaz warned of action against those violating his directions, saying that the head of the department would have to reimburse the amount spent on such advertisements.


  1. there is a good steps of the government I think it will help country to get ride from problems which are being faced now a day . there are many other things that can be improved . good luck government…

  2. Well, the new broom is trying to sweep clean; but I will not believe this man until he accepts his guilt for trying to crash the plane with hos COAS and a hundred schoolchildre. This is treason. And when is he going to pay his monstrous debts owed ro banks? It's the economy Mr. Tiger killer – people will suffer more under your benign 'dictatorship' -sorry -rule

  3. A commendable step but something more needs to be done to send the message across to those who take the tax payers money as their personal.

  4. it was done so that their our phitto can take that seat and start corruption in one place where there is no or very less corruption ..

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