Halle Berry doesn’t follow fashion trends


Oscar winner Halle Berry says she doesn’t follow fashion trends and wears only those clothes which she feels complement her skin tone and body shape. “I don’t follow fashion or beauty trends, I just stick to products and colours that work for me and suit my skin tone,” femalefirst.co.uk quoted Berry as saying. The “Cloud Atlas” star, who is also a diabetic, also makes sure she eats a healthy diet. “Because I’m diabetic, I don’t just start eating healthily and working out before I start filming a movie or attend a red carpet event, I live like that. It’s a way of life and it’s really important that I stay fit and eat healthily all of the time.”


  1. snowvasion
    i am agreed with Halle Berry, every one should wear that which suits on its personality, if our get up boosts our personality then it becomes the fashion.. how many people agree with my point of view?

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