Drones strikes must simply stop: Nawaz


In a clear policy statement, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Saturday said drone attacks were simply unacceptable, as they violated the country’s sovereignty as well as international laws.
“Drone attacks, are violating our sovereignty as well as international laws. Drone attacks must stop. We have protested many a time. This is simply unacceptable,” Nawaz said in his meeting with German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle‚ who arrived in Islamabad on Saturday.
Nawaz’s comments follow the latest drone attack in North Waziristan Agency in which at least six people, including an alleged terrorist commander, were killed on Thursday.
Nawaz said Pakistan was ready to facilitate the withdrawal of coalition troops from Afghanistan and hoped that Afghan army and security forces would be able to manage the situation after the withdrawal of coalition troops from the country.
The prime minister said President Karazai had called him to congratulate him on assumption of the office and extended invitation to him to visit Afghanistan.
He said he had had the opportunity of meeting Karzai as leader of the opposition during the last few years, adding that “we want to expand cooperation with Afghanistan and support the Afghan nation”.
Nawaz added that there had to be a multi-pronged policy to tackle the situation in Afghanistan.
Earlier during the meeting, the two exchanged views on a host of bilateral and regional issues of mutual interest.
The German FM discussed with the prime minister bilateral relations as well as the prevailing regional situation.
The foreign minister conveyed his and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s best wishes to the prime minister.
Nawaz said Pakistan regarded Germany as a close friend and as the prime minister, it would be his endeavor to strengthen the bilateral relations.
He expressed the hope that Pakistan would benefit from the technological advancement and economic development of Germany.
Dilating on the acute power shortage in the country, Nawaz said his government was working on a plan to overcome load shedding.
The prime minister invited German investors to exploit this opportunity by investing in Pakistan’s power sector.
The prime minister said Pakistan welcomed German investors to set up thermal power plants that could be run on coal and gas and offered to facilitate the setting up of their plants near coal mines in Pakistan.
He hoped the German investors visit Pakistan to see for themselves the business climate and opportunities that Pakistan had to offer.
The German foreign minister informed the prime minister that his government was keen to send a German business delegation to Pakistan and the German ambassador in Pakistan would be facilitating the visit of this delegation comprising 60 German businessmen.
Dr Westerwelle proposed that joint investment conference be held in Pakistan in which Gernman and Pakistani investors should participate and share their knowledge and explore the prospects of investment in Pakistan.
“Germany considers Pakistan a country with great economic potential,” he said.
He assured Germany’s continued support for Pakistan’s efforts to get GSP Plus status in the European Union.
The prime minister thanked Westerwelle for the initiatives taken by Germany for deepening of Pak-German relations. “There is a positive sentiment in the Pakistani business community which looks towards my government for good economic policies and encouraging the business sector,” the prime minister added.


  1. The whole nation will stand with you Mian sb. May Allah protect you and give you courage and strenght to do good things for Pakistan. Hats off to you Sir.

    • why hats of as any honorable this should stop he is not doing anything out of the ordinary the test will come when USA will keep on attacking will he tel the army to shoot down
      so for the time begin keep your hats on

  2. It is good for the country. PM's vision is good about this matters . drone attack must be stopped, and government also should make an independent foreign policy and maintain good friendly relations with countries for the prosperous of mass especially like this Germany and neighbors. People of Pakistan are with you on the matter like this.

  3. Is this a so called breaking news?. The previous administration was saying the same. Did any one listen. Is this a statement of intent or dissent?

  4. as Khawaja Asif says "wichon wichon khai jao, uton rolla pai jao" Nawaz Sharif exactly towing same policy as Zardari and Musharraf. Agreeing in private, speaking against it in Public! He forgot he is now in power not in friendly opposition and its his duty to stop these mini invasion not just making statement against it!
    These can be stopped in few hours, given that you have a spine, send a strong message diplomatically that Pakistan will not tolerate drone and will not allow it!
    US is only sending drones because you guys have agreed to this!

  5. i hate peoples party becouse of BENZIR INCOME SPORT PROGRAME and drones attacks along with Afia`s Case nor the shortage of pawer . Similarly I WILL LOVE PML N IF they bring Afia sadiqi Back home And stops drones

  6. A clear statement given by PM, but these drone attacks are not stoppable so easliy as our government rely on US aid, Pakistan is underdeveloped country, lot of countries give aid to us but USA plays a bigger role in this respect. Issue can be resolved as early as possible by this new government.

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