CDA for biodiversity preservation


Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Syed Tahir Shahbaz said on Sunday that the authority was taking concrete measures with partner organizations to preserve the rich bio diversity in the Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP).

On the occasion of World Environment Day, he said that collective efforts would help to preserve the rich flora and fauna of the area.

The MHNP is a unique natural park, spread over 31142 acres, with 616 plant, 250 bird, 38 mammal and 13 reptile species.

Environment Member Ashan Ali Mangi, Administration Member Munir Ahmed Chadhury and other CDA officials were among those present.

The chairman informed that they were working hard to increase the greenery in Islamabad, focusing on planting indigenous species such as Chir, Pine, Kachnar, Amaltas, Dreak, Jacaranda, Olive and Jaman.

Tahir Shahbaz assured that the planted saplings would be monitored to ensure their survival, adding that the CDA participates in National Tree Plantation drive during each planting season and also invites the general public, educational institutions, NGOs, government employees, traders, environmentalists, citizens committees, ICT administration representatives and Islamabad Police personnel, to make these campaigns a success.

The CDA chairman CDA that natural streams were the best source of clean water in the city but with the passage of time they have become polluted by sewerage lines. The authority has been taking effective measures to clean the streams and nullahs.

He stated that the CDA is educating the citizenry about civic duties under the “Clean and Green Islamabad” campaign.

He also iterated that efforts for environmental protection needed to be made, and lauded the CDA’s Environment CDA for arranging to celebrate the World Environment Day.